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Guide to Making a Mobile-Friendly Landing Page

Studies have it that more than half of web traffic comes from mobile devices. It would, therefore, help to have a mobile-friendly page. It will be best if you concentrate your landing page as it is what visitors glance at first. You do not have to worry if you have no idea about having a mobile-friendly landing page. This website will help you know about the critical procedures on optimizing landing pages. Read more about the things you can do and modify your current landing page.

The best content is short, straight to the point and easy to understand. They should be shorter than the message on the homepage. Most visitors cannot stand a loading page with bulky contents. The mobile phone, unlike the computer screen, can only contain a limited amount of content. For this reason, it would help to remove all additional information on the landing page.

It would help to have one call to action. Loading pages are mainly used to communicate the key value. But, it is much better if you have a key action. For a call action to be efficient, it has to be bold and obvious. This means that they should be simple and contrasting form the rest of the page. It has to be the center of attention for any visitor.

You also need to speed up your loading time. If you have a long waiting time, there is a higher probability that you will have a higher bounce rate. Most visitors leave pages that have more than 3 seconds of loading time. Your site’s speed will rely on how many plugins you have and the size of the media. You need to remember that every procedure and the process you involve on the site will reflect on the speed of your website. It is advisable to test your pages regularly and have few active plugins.

It is advisable to use simple media. It would be best to analyze the current images and videos on your landing page. They can impact on your site’s speed and organization. It is recommended to us the least images and videos unless it is critical. Choosing white space will create the impression of an organized website.

It is helpful to have your popups mobile-optimized. In most cases, many use popups to generate more leads to their websites. For this reason, you need to confirm that all your popups are optimized for mobile use. It is best to confirm that the popups fit in the mobile landing page. With this, the visitors will have no difficulty closing the popups.

From what you have got to learn about designing a mobile-friendly landing page, you will need professional help in coming up with the best optimization. Read more here for info. on our guides and design tips.

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