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Let's look at the river town of Dycusburg in 1848
By Brenda Underdown, contributor, The Crittenden Press
Appeared March 31, 2005

Part 3 of a series on Dycusburg.

Mayes and McKee are the millers at Dycusburg, and they have but recently put up one of the best roller mills in the two counties. The mill has a capacity of fifty barrels a day, and is supplied with the best roller process machinery now made.

It is conveniently arranged in every way, and from the very start it has had all the work it could do. The floor made is in great demand, both at Dycusburg and in the surrounding country, and a great deal of it is shipped to points along the Cumberland River

Mayes & McKee Flouring Mill at Dycusburg
Mr. W. H. Mayes is in charge of the mill, and he is one of the best millers in the county. He has been connected with mills all of his active life, and there are but few points that he does not know. He has made milling a business, a profession, and the years of study and varied experience have placed him at great advantage.

Mayes is a native of the county. He was reared near Marion.

For business integrity, honesty and reliability none stand higher. Nothing adds more to a town like Dycusburg than a good mill, and nothing adds to the mill more than a good miller, hence Dycusburg and the fine wheat country surrounding are all justly proud of the latest enterprise - Mayes & McKee's Roller Mills.

J.H. Clifton
J.H. Clifton
J.H. Clifton
One of the substantial citizens of Dycusburg and Crittenden County is J. H. Clifton. His career has been a long, successful and honorable one. He learned the blacksmith trade and followed it for 18 years at Dycusburg.

It was while working at the forge that he formed a large acquaintance and established a reputation for business integrity that served him so well in after years.

When he began merchandising at Dycusburg, his business grew as the years went by, and today he has one of the leading business houses of the county, and enjoys the esteem and confidence of the people among whom he has lived so many years.

He carries a $10,000 stock and his business occupies three large rooms.

He handles dry goods, groceries, notions, clothing, hardware, and in fact, "everything," as he expressed it, "except whisky and coffins."

J.H. Clifton
J.H. Clifton Residence and Business House
His stock is well kept and well arranged. The main building is devoted to general dry goods, notions, shoes and hats, and in the second story is his clothing. An adjoining room is filled with heavy groceries and hardware, and the fourth room is the office. The splendid patronage Mr. Clifton enjoys is an evidence of his fair dealing, his honesty, and his enterprising spirit as a merchant and a citizen.

He keeps the best grade of goods, sells at low prices, and whatever he tells you can be depended upon; his life and his business has been so long and so closely connected with the town that he is regarded, and justly, as an important factor in the continued prosperity and good name of the town.

On May 20, 1865, Mr. Clifton was united in marriage with Miss Mary J. McLarney, and to them eight children have been born.

His family has added greatly to the social worth of the community, and is prized for usefulness in the social and church circles. Such citizens as Mr. Clifton and the family he has reared are the substantial features of a prosperous county.

W.M. Hill
One of the landmarks of Dycusburg is W. M. Hill. He located at Dycusburg in 1855, to take a position with Cobb, Gellatly & Co., one of the largest business houses of that place. He remained with that firm
W.M. Hill Store Room
W.M. Hill Store Room
15 years and until he elected to give up the position. He has served the town as police judge several years, making a good reputation as a fair and impartial officer. In his younger days he was noted far and wide for his great physical strength, being a giant in that respect, though the years have come and gone, he is still a powerful man, retaining the vigor, both mental and physical, of his youthful day.

He is at present engaged in the hardware and grocery business. We have a good picture of his business house.

He carries a select stock of these goods, keeps his house in splendid shape, everything having a tasty appearance; and being so well and favorable known by the people of that section, he naturally does a good business. His affable disposition, good humor, an social qualities make him a popular man, and then is a business way he is honorable and trustworthy.

Thanks to Brenda Underdown for supplying this article to dycusburg.com.