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Crittenden County Notecards for Sale

Of Local Interest
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Born on a farm in Crittenden County, KY, 1942, Kenneth Howard Campbell was the fourth child of Howard Campbell and Virginia Koon Campbell. Kenneth’s father passed away when he was six years old and his mother raised their five children in Southern Indiana. Later, a sixth child was born to Virginia and husband John, making Kenneth one in six children. Virginia made sure the children kept close ties to Crittenden County. Kenneth faced many challenges in his life, losing his hearing at age 4, losing his father at age 6, and then the greatest challenge of all, being diagnosed with pre-senile dementia at age 55.

Kenneth’s art talent blossomed in high school and he graduated with an art major from Evansville College in 1967. He applied his degree to the teaching and counseling of inner city elementary students at Culver School in Evansville, Indiana, until his retirement in 1998. Kenneth and wife Vicki Rogers-Campbell, raised three children. Christine and Matthew have art careers, and Jennifer has followed the education path. Kenneth always found time to make much loved visits to Crittenden County. He would spend hours sitting with Nannie Smith on her porch, talking about his parents and grandparents. He was constantly visiting Roy Humphrey, running into distant relatives at the various graveyards or churches, eating pie at the Marion Cafe, going to cattle auctions, or just walking on the family farm alone.

Many of his paintings reflect his love for the people and scenes of Crittenden County. He had plans to continue painting scenes from rural Crittenden County, especially churches, after his retirement; but was unable to complete this dream. Knowing his diagnosis, with great courage he continued to live life to the fullest, which of course involved lots of trips to Crittenden County. Kenny became mentally lost to his friends and family, but he shares his legacy and his love of family and rural small town scenes of Kentucky and Southern Indiana through his masterful paintings. Kenneth passed away on March 11, 2008 at the age of 65.

Art Descriptions
Below, you'll find a description of each card. Click on the [+] bracket to open the link for the card. Each photo will open in a new window. To order cards, contact Rebecca Campbell-Wilhoit at BCGWil@aol.com. Cards are $2.50 each, which includes shipping and handling. Special pricing is available for bulk orders.

  • [+] Kenneth Campbell, 1990. Ready to paint at the family farm. Crittenden Co., KY
  • [+] Self Portrait, 1962.
  • [+] Momma Koon, 1962.
  • [+] Momma and Poppa's Back Porch, 1980. State Route 855N, Crittenden Co., KY
  • [+] Hodge Hill in May, 1959. Home of Hodge ancestors, State Route 855N, Crittenden Co., KY
  • [+] Screen Door, 1985. Hodge Home, State Route 855N, Crittenden Co., KY
  • [+] Featherbed Room, 1985. Grandparents' Home, State Route 855N, Crittenden Co., KY
  • [+] Church Windows at Night with Shadows, 1992. Emmaus Church Rd., Crittenden Co., KY
  • [+] Window Study, 1995. Emmaus Church, Crittenden Co., KY
  • [+] Emmaus Church in June, 1967. Emmaus Church Road, Crittenden Co., KY
  • [+] Emmaus Church, 1983. Emmaus Church Road, Crittenden Co., KY
  • [+] Frances Church, 1991. Route 70 and Marion Rd., Crittenden Co., KY
  • [+] Farm Fun in the Woods, 1976. Cousins playing at family farm, Crittenden Co., KY
  • [+] Daddy's Art Class, 1980. Family Farm at 855N, Crittenden Co., KY
  • [+] Study for Top of the Hill. Family farm house site.
  • [+] Top of the Hill. 855N, Crittenden Co., KY. Site of Kenneth Campbell's birth home.
  • [+] Annie Nettie's Backyard, 1966. Caldwell Springs Road, Crittenden Co., KY.