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Remembering George Hart
from the November 2002 Kentucky Explorer

Dear Editor:
In the story of "A Look at Frances, Kentucky And Days Gone By" on page 35 of the September 2002 issue of The Kentucky Explorer, Mr. Patton talked about George Hart, the star of the Frances Bulldogs.

In the late 40s I was the play-by-play announcer for WHOP and WHOP-FM, Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Coach and Principal Lewis "Bootie" Litchfield brought George Hart and the Frances Bulldogs to play in the Second Regional Tournament at Hopkinsville High School Gym. (The gym seated about 600 people). Every time Hart played, the gym was full, with standing room only for the game. The fans were on him from the time he came out to warm up, until the game ended.

The last game of the tournament Hart put on some show. He had a fever blister on his mouth, so he brought the ball up the floor with one hand on the ball, and with the other hand he was applying Chap Stick to his mouth. That was all the fans needed.

Frances was leading with a few minutes to go, and Hart fouled out. The crowd went wild. Hart bowed low, gave the fans "the finger," and went to the dressing room. With Hart out of the game, the Bulldogs lost the game in the last minute. I'm glad there are a few of us left who remember George Hart.

-Leo Wilson
Hopkinsville, KY