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Queries    (organized from newest to oldest)

Tudor/Metcalf posted June 6, 2011
I am looking for information about Velda C Tudor and John Greene Metcalf, both born in Crittenden Co, KY in the early 1900s. They were married and moved to Evansville,IN. Please contact me atnortonville_server_87@hotmail.com Thank you.

William David Wells posted March 22, 2011
Query: Seeking info on great-grandparents, Wm. David Wells, born Dycusburg Oct. 16, 1850. His father: David Henry Wells; mother unk. Apparently gfather orphaned/left w/relatives - in 1860 census with aunt/uncle, S.P. and Elizabeth (Duncan) Weldon, Carrsville, Livingston Co. According to my father, his dad lived w/Weldons until after Civil War when he left on horseback for TX.
Contact: Jeanne Smith at smithv@clearwire.net

John Ford posted July 13, 2010
I am looking for information on John Ford, son of Henry Ford according to his death certificate from Livingston County. I haven't been able to identify his mother or more than his father's name so far. I believe John was born around 1840-1844 in Dycusburg but not certain and died 5/8/1918 in Livingston County. John's second wife (first unknown to date) was Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Gaines b. abt 1872-1874. Four children with Lizzie... McClellon "Mack", Willie LeRoy, Sidney Herschel and Fatie Jim (my grandmother).
Contact: Elmer Millikan at elmer.millikan@gmail.com

John B. Rushing - Born 1845 posted June 25, 2010
John B. Rushing is my gg grandfather. His son was Finis Franklin b-1867 whose son was Finis Reed Rushing b-1905 whose daughter is Ramona Redean Rushing Parsons b-1935 who is my mother. John B.ís father was Patrick Rushing who died in 1859 and was a brother of Thomas Wilson, the father of9 Rushing brothers from Crittenden who served in the Civil War for the Union. I can find nothing about John B.ís death as to when etc. Family info is that Finis Franklin had to stop school at the age of 9 because his father died. It is as if he just dropped off the face of the earth any help would be greatly appreciated.
Contact: KParsons@roedelparsons.com

Ramage and Baird posted June 2, 2010
I am a descendent of Andrew Grant Baird who was my g-grandfather and Paul Freeman Ramage who was my grandfather. I am interested in any information on ancestors or descendents of the Bairds and Ramages.
Contact: shirgles@suddenlink.net

Lyon posted June 2, 2010
Looking for info/documentation about Thompson A Lyon b.1833or 1835 in Eddyville d.1899 m.Julia Frost I believe he was a child of Chittenden Lyon and his second wife.

Also info/ documentation for the son of Thompson A Lyon a Wallace Chittenden Lyon born in Paduca KY-9 March 1893. Married Emma then moved to Hyattsville MD/Family did stained glass windows... I have other Lyon information and would appreciate any assistance. My email has changed so please respond to ac@solucian.com
Contact: ac@solucian.com

Rushing posted Jan. 27, 2010
I am looking for information on my grandfather, Jonas Rushing, d 1967. I am his granddaughter. He was married to Annie Oma Smith and built a house in Crittenden co. around 1920s? I recently saw a photo posted by Dorothy that included my grandfather. Any other information would be appreciated.

Contact: cbur@ombudsman.com

Yearout-Stinnett posted Jan. 11, 2010
I am trying to find where Harriett Stinnett was after the 1870 census in Crittenden Co. She and her husband Wm. Stinnett had gone to the Union area to visit her brother and family (My g grandfather John Joseph Yearout) and were there during the time of the 1870 census.

I then find William back in Blount Co., TN on the 1880 census rolls, but nothing anywhere on Harriett at all in Blount Co., or Seiver Co., TN. No obits, burial records, nothing. It's like she disappeared off the face of the earth, so I thought I would try here and see if maybe she had passed away in Crittenden Co., while out here visiting g. grandfather, and maybe was buried out here.

If any one might have any info where I might start to look I would really appreciate it. This has become a big "thick brick wall" for me. My e-mail is one.lynn@yahoo.com.

Thank you in advance for your help.
Martha Stokes

Joseph Newcom and Esther Dudley
As a 6th descendant granddaughter of Joseph and Esther, I am trying to locate any data before Joseph Newcom emmigrated to the U.S. Parents, siblings, POB, residence, etc. I would also like to obtain photos of this family pre and post emmigration and family information.

Contact: deedeenew@yahoo.com

Eva Belt and Robert Redd
My grandparents were Eva (Belt) Redd and Robert Redd. Eva was born November 1909. They were married sometime between 1927 and 1930. She passed several years ago. Robert died sometime around 1955 to 1957 of cancer. They had five children Robert (Bud), Jerry, Betty (Phelps), Mary Wanda (Jones) and Sarah (Ritzert). I am looking for any information anyone may have. Eva had a twin Effie (Jack). Jack married James Flanary. They also had a sister by the name of Grace, who married Bill Jefferies, another sister named Viola and at least one brother named Roy. I am looking for any information on them. What they were like when they were younger, before they met.

How they met, after they were married. Eva (Granny) was my life. I want to put something together, for my daughter, my grandchildren; so maybe they would be able to hold a piece of her, in their hearts, through my words. Thank you for any information or stories you are willilng to share with me.

Contact: clfrayer@att.net

Matthews Family
Hello ,I am trying to trace my Great Grandfather William F Matthews, his parents were Fountain Matthews and Mary Ann Houchens they lived in Crittenden in 1850 at the time of the census with 4 children Robert M age 5, Martha A F, age 4, Matilda J. age 3 and Mary A F age 1

My Great Grandfather was born in 1852 in Barren county, I need to fill the missing information leading up to his birth and what happened to the rest of his family, as of 1850 there is no other census records Fountain Or Mary Ann.

Contact: Cherry Matthews Garrity, chercher0210@comcast.net

Kirby or Kern Families
Hi. I'm looking for any information on the Kirby or Kern families in Crittenden County, mainly around Tolu. My great-grandfather Robert Ray Kirby was born in Tolu on August 28, 1918 to Oscar (Jim) Kirby and Essie Kern.

He also had two brothers, William David(Cecil) and Elvis D.(Toby) Kirby. Oscar came here to Southern Illinois with his small family under mysterious cicumstances, possibly a murder. I'm uncertain of the time but somewhere inbetween the years of 1920-1935.

Any information be helpful as we have little information to go on. Thank you for your time, Samantha Bruer.

Contact: Samantha Bruer, claddagh07@irishmail.com or sbruer0830@st.shawneecc.edu.

James A. Wheeler Family
My name is Ron Heil, I am looking for information about the James A Wheeler family of Marion Kentucky. My Grandmother was Lila Anne Wheeler. She was born to James A Wheeler and Annie M Wigginton on June 22,1881. From what I can discern she had a total of 4 brothers Albert Henry Wheeler born February 14 1869; John Robert Wheeler born January 27, 1866; Eddie B Wheeler born April 5 1873, but died when he was just 4; George Alexander Wheeler born September 5, 1873; died November 4 1876. I have a picture of my grandmother with her father, Uncle Albert and Uncle John. From what I can tell Annie ( or Anna) died when my grandmother was 1 a year old and my great-grandfather remarried to a Nannie K. Harris on the 18th of August 1886 in Clay Kentucky. From my grandparents 50th anniversary article in the local paper my Grandmother was raised in Mt Vernon Illinois before moving to Greeley Colorado and living with her aunt and uncle Gladys and J Smith Johnson. About 10 years ago we passed through Marion and found a Wheeler Museum that had artifacts from the Wheeler family. I am looking to fill the gaps in the family history and would very much like to be in contact with any remaining family members in that area. I can be reached via e-mail at madron1@comcast.net. Thanks in advance for any information that I might be able to retrieve.

CONTACT: Ron Heil at madron1@comcast.net.

Sarah J. Dycus
Looking for Sarah J. Dycus (b. Kentucky), who migrated to Greene County, IL, and there married William Strother Marshall on 12-25-1854. She is my GGG Grandmother.

CONTACT: Dann Marshall at nofretsbass@aol.com.

Wilborn Family
We are looking for information on a Wilborn family in Marion. We are seeking data about John Wilborn, son of Samuel, who lived in Crittenden and Caldwell counties in KY. John died in December of 1879. When did his wife Susan die? Where are they both buried? We did not find any Wilborn names in the Marion phone book, but are there any descendants or researchers who have any knowledge of this couple? Thank you. Ed & Lisa Greenwell, Evanston IL.

CONTACT: Ed Greenwell at edgreenwell@gmail.com.

Woody/Gipson Ancestry
Thomas Jackson Woody (1868-1931) m. Flora (Florence) Gibson (1878-1957) in 1899. They and their children Clara Barton Woody (1899-?) and Lemond (Leman) Glenn Woody (1901-1942) lived in Belles Mines during the 1900 Census. At the time of the 1910 Census they lived outside of Marion, until aprox. 1913 when the family moved north to Washington D.C.

I have TJW's ancestry, but appreciate correspondence about any Woodys of Crittenden, Henderson, Caldwell, or Christian counties between 1830-1950. I would love to hear from anyone who might have stories of the family, esp. information about my grandfather Lee (Lemond) Woody, a veteran of WWI.

The big brick wall is William Pittman Gibson (1852-1910), father of Flora Gibson. He married Isabella Jane Beckham in 1874, but I haven't been able to find a record of his birth, nor of him in either the 1860 or the 1870 census to confirm his line. I can trace him from 1880 to his death in 1910. I need to find him anywhere between his birth in Morganfield, Union KY in April of 1852, up to his marriage to Belle Beckham in 1874. They can be found in Boxville, Union KY for the 1880 Census.

Some family trees suggest his parents were Pitman Gibson and Ellin (Catharine) Galloway, who lived in Henderson with sons Green and George in 1850. This may be true, but I've yet to find a record to confirm this suggestion. Any family records or bibles from this line of Gibsons? If so, please write!

CONTACT: Kathleen at grammie_kat@yahoo.com to share information about the Woodys and the Gibsons.

Mary Jane Hurley Write/Wright
I'm searching for information on Mary Jane Hurley Write/Wright who died Feb 19, 1919 in Crittenden County. I have a copy of her death certificate and it shows her parents were John Hurley and Elizabeth Newcom. Can anyone tell me if this is the same Mary Hurley who was married to John Wesley Craig (M:1859) and Hugh Mack Walker (M:1865).
Jamile Sims jamile@jamile.com

Andrew J. Baker/ Mahala Moore descendants
Would like to contact living descendants of Andrew and Mahala (Moore) Baker. They moved to Crittendon County KY from Smith County TN ~ Winter of 1857. Four of their twelve children were born in Tennessee and eight in Crittenden County, where they all married.

John M. Shepherd johnmshepherd35@att.net

I am looking for information on my grandparents (Roy Edward Davis born 06/27/1927 and Mary Elizabeth Ann Davis born 09/16/1928 - *Gibson was her maiden name*) family. I do not have much information other than my grandfather had 3 brothers (James, Terry and Floyd) and 3 sisters (Emma, Joy and Rachael). His parents names were Clarence and Lola Davis. My grandmother had 4 sisters (Marilyn, Joy, Rita and Sue). Her parents names were Judge and Evie Mae Gibson (* Rogers was her maiden name*). My g-g grandmothers name on my grandmother's side was Minnie Rogers (*Slaughter was her maiden name*).

Binkley/Driver Family
I am looking for any and all info on the Binkley and Driver families( some of them lived in Crittenden Co. and some in livingston. My Great Granfather , Joshua Binkley was born in Salem,Ky and later moved to Marion. My Great aunt was named Elsie Driver and her huband was Shelley Driver( or Shelly) I know they also lived in Salem at the time of their deaths.

Finis Stokley "Stokes" Damron
Looking for a picture of Finis Stokley "Stokes" Damron. He was born 7/1/1865 and died 7/12/1933. He is buried in the Damron Cemetery, Livingston County, Kentucky. He was married to Sarah Minerva Hazel. A picture or any information would be greatly appreciated.

Also need information on Croft, Bebout, Rushing, Campbell, Cannon and Belt. Anything would be appreciated.
Carol dcchc@netnitco.net

Singleton Hodge
Would anyone by chance have any information on a Singleton Hodge born in 1834 and died in 1921? His father was Peyton and he married Kitty Coleman in 1957. They had 8 children. Singleton was a lawyer. He would be my great great grandfather. I'd appreciate any help or leads you can provide. Thanks so much.
Pam Smith PSmith30@aol.com

Shinall Family
Looking for cemetery containing Shinall family near Crayne, Ky. Albert Shinall, lovingly called "Rat" and his parents would be buried there. It is located on a farm near Crayne where the family lived for many years. All help appreciated.
Bob Simpkins, globalnetworks@vipweb.net, 3488 Barkers Mill Rd. Clarksville, TN. 37042 931-552-3595

Judge James Allen (Slick) Simpkins
I am in the process of research for a book about the life of James Allen Simpkins. Known as Judge Simpkins and by most friends as Slick. He was my grandfather and lived a full life, having effected the lives of many people. His story must be told. Please help me with the research. All items of information reflecting this wonderful man will be greatly appreciated and acknowledged in print. Anyone wishing to make a personal contact, please do so.
Dr. Robert Y. Simpkins, Sr. globalnetworks@vipweb.net, 3488 Barkers Mill Rd. Clarksville, TN. 37042 931-552-3595

I am researching the family of Opal Harnice Watson. Opal's family was living in Hurricane in the 1930 census. Siblings were Stella, Sallie, Elzie, Tommie, Edward, Gladys (Riley?), Lemma (Walker?), Effie Nell (Paris?) and Martha. Parents were James and Millie.

Opal married Overton Watson and had three children: Robert, James and Phyllis. Overton died in his 20s and Opal was killed when her son James was in the second grade. The children were sent to St. Charles Home for Boys in Illinois and lost contact with the family. Any information on this family would be appreciated.
Trudy Lowe, trudy5247@aol.com

Henson/Davenport/Bragdon Families
Looking for any info on Sam and Bettie Henson families. Also Thomas Houston Davenport md. Willie Etta Henson and Isaac Blanchard Bragdon md. Ida Mae Henson and Vina Mae Vick. Need any info. Some of the Davenports are in Macedonia Cemetery. Bragdons in Good Hope Cemetery and Dycusburg Cemetery. Hensons in Dycusburg too. They are my g.g. grandparents.
Ann Bragdon Kirk, atkirk70@hotmail.com

Smith and Foust
I am searching for the Charles and Sarah Foust Smith family. Their second child was born in Marion, Kentucky, Sept 7, 1890.

They left Hamilton County, Tennessee sometime after 1886. Found them also in Salem, Kentucky in route to Madison County, Missouri, then Douglas County, Missouri and finally Atchison County, Kansas.

Also, Sarah Foust's brother Emsy David Foust married Susan Marie Martin in Hurricane, Kentucky, Sept 7, 1890.

David and family went on to Madison County, Missouri, McDonald County, Missouri, Gage County, Nebraska and finally Orange County, California.

Does anyone have any information or family ties or roots to my Smith/Foust line?
Frances Cooley, guyfran@roadrunner.com

Searching for information on the following WALKERs from Crittenden County . I?ve traced them in the county from 1870 to 1920, usually in Bells Mines or Marion.

H. M. Walker (1835-before 1880) and wife Mary J. Craig Walker (1844-after 1880)

Their children were Hugh Edgar Walker (1866-1940), Henry Mack Walker (1868-1952), Lizzie A. Walker Capler (1869 -?), Dixon Hurley Walker (1871 - ?), Ira S. Walker (1873 - ?), Bailey Walker (1876-1947).

Their grandchildren were, Arby Mack Walker (1896-?), Clarra B. Walker (1899- before 1910), Nola Gladys Walker (1908 ? 1941), Dixie M. Walker (1894-?), Georgia A. Walker (1896 - ?), John C. Walker (1898 - ?), Lillie May Walker (1899 - ?), Charles S. Walker (1901 - ?), Hugh E. Walker (1906 - ?).

Looking for burial places for these folks and would also like to connect to other ?cousins? still in the area. Thanks.
Jamile Johnson, Douglasville, GA, jamile@jamile.com

Elizabeth King BORN in May of 1878 or 1879 in Bells Mines, Crittenden, KY the daughter of Theopilus King.
I believe may be my husband's grandmother. She passed away in Verda, KY (Harlan, KY) on Nov. 27, 1930.

Do you have any information on this woman so I can try to figure out if she is the right woman or not?
Barbara Napier, barbnapier64@charter.net

Looking for descendants of F. J. Burgess who married Ellen Cox on January 30. 1887 at the home of Sarah Cox.

Ellen is possibly a sister to my Great-Grandfather Tom Cox.

Tom died around the year 1908-1910 Leaving his wife Fannie Ritch Cox, three daughters, Lizzie, Ledonia, and Imogene and one son William Cecil Cox. All of this is recorded in the 1910 Census book page 212 of Critenden County.

Possibly Ellen's descendants might have more information on Tom, how he died and where he is buried. Would love to see a picture of Tom Cox if there is one out there.

Please e-mail me with any information, in the meanwhile I am still searching.
Tina Gibson, wayne63@vci.net

I am looking for any info on Hiram Romine and his first wife Martha Davis. I have info that says Martha was born in Arkansas.I was wondering if anyone might have info on her Davis line since we know there is a connection to the Davises of KY. We believe her father was originally from Trigg/Christian/Livingston county area but are not sure. Her father was Jefferson Davis (possibly from Trigg County) and her mother was Mary, we have been told her last name was Martin.Any info would be greatly appreciated.
A.J. Burba, aburba@webtv.net

Roger T. Alsobrook
I am looking for a copy of his obituary (Roger T. Alsobrook) in the Crittenden Press. He died in Jan. 1997. Lived in Smithland, KY.
Jimmy Phillips, jimmyvintage@mindspring.com

William Bright and Cassie Jane Gribbens
My name is Gloria Bright. I am looking for information on William or Cassie Bright who are in the 1910 census of Marion. Any information would be appreciated.
Gloria Bright, gloria124@msn.com

Turley Family
My name is Robert Turley. Thanks to the fantastic website, www.dycusburg.com, I have been able to trace my roots back to my great-great grandfather, Thomas B. Turley, born in 1853. Does anyone else know any Turley history in Dycusburg? My great grandfather was Albert G. Turley, my grandfather was William C. Turley, and my father was Thomas B. Turley, all born in Dycusburg. My uncle W.A. (William Allen, or 'Bud') Turley, was known for his boxing match in Dycusburg against 'Possum Henry in the 1930's. He knocked out Possum in one punch, and a riot resulted, with the attendees storming the box office and getting their money back. I live in New York now, and my family is planning a trip to Dycusburg in either the fall, or next spring. I'd only been there a couple times as a teenager when my father visited his boyhood home. We still have the land he was born on. It's been in the family for over 100 years now. By the way, in the first years of the century, my grandmother Alma Turley was taken in as a child by the Campbell family after her mother died. Her father was a man they called Captain Smith. Well, thanks for looking, and I hope to hear something from someone.
Robert Turley, 411@insidestudios.com

Orr Family
I'm a descendant of the ORR family from Crittenden Co. I'm looking for information on John A. Orr b.3-13-1835 d.3-27-1874 and the names, d.o.b. of his parents. I believe John is buried at Aaron Towery Cemetery near Shady Grove. Thanks for any help you can give.
Beth, kbazgodin@sbcglobal.net

Buck Guess
My great-great-great grandfather was William ?Buck? Guess. Although I think he lived and died in Livingston Co, noone seems to know where he?s buried. I am not the only descendant looking for this info. I have all about his family all the way back to 1736. If anyone has info on him, I would appreciate anything they could offer. The main thing I?m looking for, is where is he buried?
Christina Chaves, cchaves@gwmgt.com

Hello, My name is Colleen (Hall) Salyer. I am trying to find out more about my family.

My grandmother is Jennie (McClure) Hall and my grandfather is Edward Hall. They lived in Crittenden County and had 8 children. Grandpa was killed when my dad Gaylen Hall was 3 months old. If anyone has any info on any of my family, I would love to know about it. I cannot find who their grandparents were or where they lived or was born at. Please help if you can.
Colleen Salyer, angel396@yahoo.com

Akers, Crider, Roach, Walker
Akers, Crider, Pickering,Roach, Walker, Would like to exchange information on these families.. All lived in Crittenden Co. from early 1800's....Have old pictures of all of the families..
Martha Walker Edmondson, edmondsonm@sbcglobal.net

Looking for Descendants of George W. Smith and Nellie A. Travis
George W. Smith married Nellie A. Travis on 30 Dec 1890 in Crittenden CO, KY. They were on the 1900 Federal Crittenden CO Census with five children. Didn't find them in 1910. Did they move to another county or state?
Barbara Ragsdale, b_ragsdale@bellsouth.net

Looking for information and/or any relatives of: Henry Walker, married to Bertie (4 children) and Harve E. Turley, married to Iva Ethel (4 children). They are my grandparents; both families lived in Marion KY area at some time in their lives. Moved to Rosiclare IL and the men worked in the mines. The Turleys are buried in Rosiclare IL; the Walkers are buried at Mapleview in Marion, KY.
Karen Collier, kgc1959@att.net

Timothy Taylor/Evaliner Crabtree
Hi, I'm Jennifer Taylor, I am trying to find information on the Timothy Taylor/Evaliner Crabtree line, Timothy was born 1806.I know that Mary Ellen Taylor Brazell that passed away in 1980 was a great great granddaughter. Other names on this line--James E. Taylor/Mary Ann Fosset Moore, William Henry Clay Taylor/Mariah Thomas Yeakey,Charles W Taylor 1859 . If anyone has information on this line it would be appreciated.
Jennifer Taylor, roger@ascendus.net

Ancestry of H.C. Crowell
I am trying to do some family genealogy research on my maternal great-grandfather, H. C. Crowell and have come to a standstill.

His birthdate was Feb. 16, 1871 or possibly 1872. I have seen 2 different years listed on separate sources and he is listed on the 1900 Crittenden Co. Census as "Henry C." but I have no other corroborating information to support that first name.

Sometime after 1900, the family moved to Memphis, TN. The family is listed on the 1910 census for Shelby Co., TN.

On both the 1900 and 1910 censuses, he listed his father's birthplace as North Carolina and his name as H. Carr Crowell. This is how he also always referred to himself and is the name listed on his death certificate.

H.C. married Mary Edna Turner (born 7-29-1871) on 29 Mar 1888 according to "Crittenden County, Kentucky Marriages 1187-1899" Vol. II, Compiled by Brenda Joyce Jerome, 1993. The listing also contains the information that the marriage was performed by R.S. Clark at Lee Barnes. Wit. W. H. Hutchinson, R.S. Paris

They had several children the oldest of whom was Homer Otto Crowell, my grandfather.

Any information you can provide me as to the ancestry of H. C. Crowell will be most helpful and appreciated. Thank you for your time. Sincerely,
Ted Vives, Los Alamos, NM, TAVIVES@comcast.net

Tinsley, Kennedy, Woolsey, Sullenger (Tolu, Sheridan, White's Chapel)
I am looking for information on my parents' ancestors. My mother, Eva Tinsley (born 3/16/1909 - died 1/21/2002) was born and raised in Tolu, KY. Her parents, Richard (Uncle Buddy) and Frances (Aunt Fanny) owned a grocery store there, and my grandmother helped the local doctor deliver a lot of babies in the Tolu area. They had two other children besides my mother, Rose Tinsley (Kennedy), and Richard Tinsley. My mother, Eva Tinsley married my father, William Samuel Woolsey, from Sheridan, KY and they eventually settled in Anderson, IN, where they had 3 children (John William, Judy Ellen, and Joyce Dee). William Samuel Woolsey (born 9/5/1903 - died 3/23/1983) is the son of Tubal and Sarah Ellen (Sullenger) Woolsey. My parents, maternal grandparents, and Uncle Richard are all buried at White's Chapel. Any information on these relatives would be greatly appreciated.
Judy Ellen (Woolsey) Thomas, jth1047005@aol.com

I'm looking for information on the family of Alvie E. Gilland, Salem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Gerald W. Gilland, gwg@pldi.net

Shady Grove, KY families: Wood, Kemp, Brown, Talley, Fox, Neal, Dilback, Stallions
I am interested in hearing from anyone from Shady Grove, KY.

I am looking for photos and stories of any family members or of Shady Grove.

My family lived there from early 1800s and some still reside there. I am interested in anyone that went to Hoods School and Shady Grove school.

My mother is Margaret Evelyn Wood her father was William Zelmond Wood her mother was Lillian Francis Fox. My grandmother was raise my Isaac Wood Talley her was her grandfather his wife was Margaret Love Neal (he remarried to Martha Imboden Neal and Sally Talley). Isaac's father was Woodley Talley from Virginia and his mother was Margaret Sylvania Dillback. On Talley side we are related to Son's, and Towery's. On the Wood side I am related to Brown's, Easley,Gardner's On the Fox side I am related to Kemps, Horning, Gaines, Settles.

Hope to hear from someone regarding these families and this area. my email is monaferrell@yahoo.com.

Looking for descendants of: Finnis Crowell, Herbert Guess, Robert Clayton, Mamie Gobin Crowell
I am looking for the children/grandchildren of Finnis and Bobbie Crowell, including those listed above. All of their children are descendants of Chastine Hood of Shady Grove, as he was the grandfather of Bobbie Lee Gibbs. Bobbie Lee inherited his land through her mother, Martha Ann Hood Gibbs. I have lots of genealogy to share, and many questions about the Hood/Gibbs lines. I think a Clyde Gobin owns the land today?? Any help appreciated.
Dawnene Young, dby1107@comcast.net

Graves family
I am looking for information on David Graves, youngest child to Boston (Sabastian) Graves (Graff). Ihave his death as 23 August 1846 in Marion, Crittendon County Kentucky.
He was married to Mary (Polly) Holloway on 12 September 1817.
His son William Willard Graves married his uncle's granddaughter Mahala Pearl Graves. They were all from Tennessee originally.
Pam Johnson, luvmydautr@aol.com

A Message for Mona Ferrell
If you are still interested in the Woods, Talley, Fox, Brown, Neal names. In the Shady Grove area, my wife grew up in that area. She has tried to e-mail you, but no response. You can e-mail her at the address below. She will be more than happy to help you, because she knew all these people.

Seeking Military and Old Photographs
Seaching for family military pictures on Daniel Forrest Jones family, and Ralph Damron family. Also seeking any pictures of Lola, Ky. and people. Please send to address below.
Charlotte Jones, charlottedjones@msn.com

Samuel Wring
I am researching Samuel Wring who died in 1904. He was married to Mary O'Donnell. They are both buried in Tyner's Chapel. His mother was also supposed to have been buried there also, but have not been able to find her. I would appreciate any information.
T. Wring, fishon@dynasty.net

George Family
I am researching the GEORGE's of Crittenden County and surrounding areas. I am a desendant of Baylay Marcum GEORGE and Mary Ellen HARPENDING, who are my great great grandparents. My grandparents were Herman Smith GEORGE and Driskill CONYER, my father is John Bailey George, all of them are buried at the Union Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery. Would like to meet distant cousins and share information on these and other surnames of GRIFFIN, STONE, and YATES.
John George, jgeorge25@hotmail.com

Curry Family
I am searching for information in regard to Jean Lewis Curry who married Ada Belle on about 1920 . I am particularly interested in t he name of Jean's mother --where born and her birthdate along with her maiden name. He was from the Sedalia, Mo area and lived in that area for many years before expiring at age 55. I am trying to help nieces and nephews establish some heritage.

Vaughn Family
I am looking for any information on my grandfather and grandmother Vaughn. Their names were Joe and Ethel. They had three children: 2 boys and a girl (my mother). They lived on West Elm St. for many years. All of them are dead now, but I would like to find out anything I can on my grandparents to pass down to my children. My name is JoAnn and my e-mail address is below. Thanks to anyone who can help.
JoAnn, chattienana@att.net

Seeking Cal Scott
Looking for any information on a man named Cal Scott who lived in Marion Ky, I understand he has passed away but would be very interested in any information on his children or grandchildren. I believe he is a relative of mine. Thank you
Tamela Oliver, tkou22@yahoo.com

Photos of Ferry at Dycusburg?
Does anyone have photographs of the ferry at Dycusburg? If so, please contact me.
Matthew T. Patton, matthewtpatton@yahoo.com

John L. Tolley
I am searching for any information regarding my ancestor, John L. Tolley. I am copying an article from 27 Aug 1908's Crittenden Record regarding him below my introduction. One of our ultimate goals is to find the parental family of my GG-Grandmother, Rachel Catherine (Tolley) Sullivan. She married my GG-Grandfather, Isaac Sullivan, in 1870 in Dycusburg. Please review the article below and if you can provide me ANY information at all, especially regarding the "Tolleys", it would be greatly appreciated!

    Crittenden Record - Press, Crittenden Co, KY 27 Aug 1908 Published weekly at Marion, KY

    John L. TOLLEY, aged 91, a former resident of Marion, was here last week, the guest of his nephew, Jas. TOLLEY, it being the first visit in 56 years. He left here in 1852, ten years before the civil war broke out. Mr. TOLLEY is an interesting old gentleman to meet and has a bright mind, notwithstanding his age. He was born at Eddyville on March 19th, 1817, and came to Marion when the town plat was being cleared off to locate the county seat. He and his uncle cut the trees which stood as a dense forest where Marion now stands. He witnessed a hanging here over half a century ago, when a man was executed for killing his wife and two children, Mr. TOLLEY's wife was a Miss JOHNSON. She died five years ago at Macedonia, IL, where they have been living. Mr. TOLLEY expects to visit his nephew, C.H. HILL at Dycusburg, before departing for his new home with his son-in-law, J.W. SUTTON at Sebree, KY.
Contact: David Sullivan, DSulliII@aol.com

Martin Luther Clift and wife Martha Hughes
I am trying to do some research on my Grandmother and Grandfather. They had one daughter named Doris who married George Clark who is my deceased father. My mom does not remember a lot about the past as she has a bad memory loss. I know that granddaddy had several brothers and sisters just a granny did. I think some of granddaddy is Lonnie, Cora, and I know that granny had Rosa and Genevia I think but am not sure. They bought a farm at a sherriff's sale and lived at Mattoon, Ky., where the farm is still located. The present address is 160 Roe Wafford Road. If anyone can give me some information I would appreciate it. As I get more from my Mom I will post it. (He was a barber and lived at RR1, Marion, Ky.)
Joe Clark, paddlinjoe@earthlink.net

Martin Luther Clift and wife Martha Hughes
I am trying to do some research on my Grandmother and Grandfather. They had one daughter named Doris who married George Clark who is my deceased father. My mom does not remember a lot about the past as she has a bad memory loss. I know that granddaddy had several brothers and sisters just a granny did. I think some of granddaddy is Lonnie, Cora, and I knnow that granny had Rosa and Genevia I think but am not sure. They bought a farm at a sherriffs sale and lived at Matton Kenucky, where the farm is still located. The present address is 160 Roe Wafford Road. If anyone can give me some information I would appreciate it. As I get more from my Mom I will post it.
Joe Clark, paddlinjoe@earthlink.net

Truitt/Crowell Families
My grandfather's name was Chester Truitt and my grandmother was Maud (Crowell) Truitt. They lived in Marion KY until their deaths in the 1960s. Some of their children were Chester E, Lorane, Vernon C., Roy E., and James B. Truitt. If anyone has any information about these families, please contact me.
Margo Smith, shy_but_nice@insightbb.com

Family Escaped War; Looking for Roots (Koval)
I am looking for information on my family roots. My grandfathers name was Barney Koval and came from Lithuania and escaped the war and eventually came to live in South Africa, having married his childhood sweetheart Frieda Koval. They had a son Basil and daughter, Ruth. I am directly contactable on email.

My name is Karyn Elias and I am the daughter of Ruth Koval.
Karyn Elias, hunter090568@yahoo.com

Message for Geraldine Fritts Wallace
This is a message for Geraldine Fritts Wallace. I have tried sending to her email address but it keeps coming back. I have a lot of info on her Mom and also on her Dad's families.

I am Erma Jean Fraley Beard's daughter Vickie and I did a lot of research on the Fritts family for Uncle Leon. I am the one that comes to Mamaw's (Daisy's) house every year for a couple of weeks.

Your Mom, Naomi, lived in Marion with her parents in 1920 but the census does not give an actual physical address. In 1930 she was living with her Mom and sister Elmina in the White's Camp area of Clay in Webster County. Noal and Low were living with John and Mary Conrad on the Clay and Providence Road in Dixon in Webster County. Your grandfather Isaac York did not died until 12 Oct 1930 so I am not sure why he was not listed with the family, because the census was taken in the summer of that year. Naomi's brother John was living with his Uncle, Kerby Fuller in Union in Crittenden County.

I have a web site with all the family info on it for myself as well as for Uncle Leon's family. Here is the link.

If you have anything different or anything you would like added just let me know and I would be happy to do that for you.

Vickie Beard Thompson
PO Box 177
Morgan, UT 84050
1-801-829-4267 home
1-801-388-5685 cell http://FamilyQuestResearch.com

Belt Family
I'm looking for for pictures/info about my great grandfather who was in the 48th Illinois Infantry. Clinton Belt was in E company from 1861-1865. I don't know much else about him, so if anyone has any information or could send me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.
Dewayne Belt, dlcbelt85@juno.com

I am looking for info on Stephen Grove[s] who was born in 1837-8 in Kentucky. First marriage in Gallatin Co to Sarah E. Cook, their son was Wyman Garrison Grove[s] .

Second marriage to Mrs. Bernetta Jane Slater who had several children by first marriage. Then a son Stephen Grove[s] 3mos old in 1880 census. There was a Stephen F Grove[s] who was mustered into the Illinois E 48th Inf 1861 and stated residence at that time as Marion, Ky. Perhaps they are one and the same. Thanks for any help.
Sue, jon.holden@ozemail.com.au

Help Locating Newell Family
I hope somebody out there could help me with some kind of information. I am writing to see if anybody knows the whereabouts or the names and/or the nationality of my great-grandfather by the name of Jack Newell, believe to be born in Oklahoma City, OK and I heard was a well known Realtor in his days.

My father was born in Oklahoma City, OK on July 29, 1936 to an Edith Bernice Newell and John Francis Prewitt. When my grandmother Edith was born during the early 1900's within a week of her birth, her mother died and her father Jack Newell, (mentioned above) along with 3 sisters (of Edith) and aunts (sisters of her mom) had to take care of her. I do not know too much of the story and would like to find out more. All I know is that my great-grandfather didn't want anything to do with poor Edith after she was born or especially when she married John Francis Prewitt. So the children of Edith Bernice Newell never knew or seen their grandfather Jack Newell and do not know a thing about him. Edith Bernice Newell had 4 children with John Francis Prewitt, 2 boys and 2 girls; their names are Patricia Ann Prewitt, Charles Francis Prewitt, Kathryn Prewitt, and Jack Newell Prewitt. Another note: that this family of six moved to Los Angeles, California around 1940. Edith Bernice Newell died May 1973 and John Francis Prewitt died in the year of 1980, can't remember the month.

If anybody out there knows anything about Edith Bernice Newell and is a long time relative of one of her sisters, could you e-mail back and answer some of my questions, like what nationality is she really. I heard there is some Cherokee Indian and I want to confirm. Just anything. Especially anything about my great-grandfather Jack Newell. We all would like to have some kind of history answered. We would appreciate it.
Nicole Prewitt, prewitt_nicole@yahoo.com

Maxfield Family
I am looking for any information regarding the Maxfield family from around the Emmaus community. I was adopted by my step-father at a young age and don't know anything about my birth father's side of the family. I do know the names of my father and grandparents.My grandfather's name was Vernon Maxfield.

Where Did My Mother Live?
Can you tell me how to find if my Mother lived on RR1 , Marion, Ky. before she married. Her name is...Naomi Nell York (maiden name) married name...Naomi Nell Fritts. I would like to know her address around 1931 or all address in 20's and 30's. I am her daughter..Geraldine (Fritts) Wallace. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
Geraldine Wallace, gerrywallace@bellsouth.com

Short Red-Haired HOGARD? in 1850s Marion
I seek info. on either of two half-sisters born between roughly 1845 and 1865 near Marion (maiden names unknown). One was white, the other one, EASTER, was part black. Both were well under 5 ft. with long red hair and both were known and respected as daughters of a prominent local landowner, himself a short man with red hair. Might he have been a HOGARD or from another family? Who does this sound like?

Easter married a local black man HUGHES and was always accepted by her white half-sister. Both women still lived near Marion within a mile or so of each other in the late 1920s. Any info on Easter, her white sister, or their father would be deeply appreciated. Easter was my great-grandmother.
Contact: James Carlton Hughes, cascina@msn.com

Woodall Family
I am seeking info on my Woodall line. I am a descendant of Samuel Woodall of Crittenden County KY.
He is buried in Piney Fork cemetery. Does anyone know a Woodall researcher who has several pictures and tin-types and bible records?
I met him a few years ago at your local library. I cannot recall his name but it was not Woodall. I think he was about 40 then and lived in Illinois. I also have Hill and Conger lines in Crittenden County.
Contact: Jeffrey J. Woodall, jjguy179bdr@yahoo.com

Searching for Akers Researcher
Glyn: if you read this: Please get in touch with me. My Akers file needs you.... If any one else out there is interested in Akers of Alabama, Kentucky.. would love to exchange information..... Elizabeth Roach married Tom Akers, would love to hear from some of the Roach family....They were my G.Grandparents...
Contact: Martha Walker Edmondson, medmondson@ccms.net

am looking for any relatives of mine on my dads side of the family i do not know much about them or unsure as to weather or not what i have is correct

My dads name is James edward davidson huston texas i think he is in friendswood now around 78-79 years old, i remember an uncle Bill, aunt aida<<(unsure of spelling) grandmother beatrice ferguson

Lawrence davidson i Think is my grandfather i also remember an "O.G.Jones" (not sure of relationship" I am from massachusetts Contact: Melody Anne (Davidson) Sylvia, sheenamsheena@yahoo.com

Anyone looking for any information, or is willing to share what they have on the Gilland families of Crittenden and Livingston Co. can contact me. Thank you::
Contact: G. W. Gilland, gw.gill@charter.net

Fletcher Eugenia (Gennie)
I am looking for Eugenia (Gennie) Fletcher b. 1879. Last found in 1900 Crittenden Co. KY.,Eugenia 21 yr. old ,listed as school teacher Father Orayan/Oregan Thomas (O.T.)Fletcher . Son of John and Martha Fletcher. O.T. married Martha Ellen Browning 27 March 1877 in Webster Co. KY. Daughter of Robert Browning and Sarah Jane Carnahan Browning. O.T.'s mother Martha 77 living with them in 1880. I have been unable to find a trace of them after that. Can anyone help??
Contact: Pat, Phmal@sbcglobal.net

Any roots there?
Contact: Tony Osbron, tony@wilsonofficeplus.com

Looking for info about Gen. HYLON B. LYON- CSA b. approx 1810(descended from Matthew Lyon of Fairhaven VT who was b.approx 1740) - Also Wallace Chittenden Lyon born in Paduca KY-1834 then moved to Hyattsville MD/Family did stained glass windows... I have other Lyon information and would appreciate any assistance. Could Crittenden possibly be a corruption of Chittenden?
Contact: A. Crammond, cornwall@solucian.com

Guess and Henry families
I am trying to get information about my grandfather, Norman Henry, who married Fay Guess in probably the late 1920s. From what I understand, Norman was a newspaperman in and around Marion. Thanks, George Stuteville
Contact: George Stuteville, george.stuteville@nreca.coop

Adams, Stovall, Young, Hill
Seeking info on John Adams b.1804 who married Polly, William Azarjah Adams b.1828 who married Mandena Hill, or their son William Licander Adams who married Dora Belle Stovall. Any info is appreciated.
Contact: Allan Beecham, statelin@peoplestel.net

Green's Chapel Cemetery
I would like any information concerning the Green's Chapel Cemetery located on the Bells Mines-Green's Chapel Road in Northern Crittenden Co. I know many years ago a school was behind this cemetery and sometimes revivals were held there. It was possibly a Methodist Church. I have many relatives buried here, thus my interest. Any help would be appreciated.
Contact: Bonnie R. Gass, brgass@vci.net

I am trying to find the whereabouts of Doreen Wigginton. Doreen was born in Chelmsford, Essex, England but moved to Marion, Kentucky after marrying Charles Wigginton in 1964.

Any information appreciated.
Contact: Peter Crump, Colchester, Essex, England, scrumpy2@ntlworld.com

Koon, Holders, Doom
I have Samuel Harvey Koon born in Crittenden Co. married Emma Doom when she died, he married her sister Eliza Doom. I have as Samuel's parents Samuel Henson Koon (b. 1/4/1819) married Margaret Glenn. I think Margaret is from Lyon Co. I don't have much on them. I have as Samuel Henson Koon's parents Jacob E. Koon born in VA. B: about 1790 married Sarah Crouch.

That is all I have on my Koon family. If any of these are yours, will be glad to share what I have. Samuel Harvey Koon and Eliza had a son named William who married Mary Jane Holder from Crittenden Co. (I think, not much on her). Hope some of you are family.
Contact: Maggie Odom Duncan, lkrealty@bellsouth.net

From One Donna to Another. Contact Info for Donna Lilly Marcus?
I am interested in contacting Donna Lilly Marcus. I was a friend of hers many years ago when I would visit my grandparents who lived next door to the First Baptist Church in Marion. I wrote her at the e-mail address given at the end of the listing, but it keeps coming back to me. If anyone knows how to reach her, I would appreciate hearing from you.

I also want to thank The Crittenden Press for printing an article about my paternal grandfather, Guthrie W. Travis, in the Nov. 4, 2004 issue. I am extremely proud of my Kentucky heritage on both the Travis and the Guess sides. I was born and raised in Providence, but because my mother loved Marion so much, my siblings and I did also. I visit every time I'm back home. Even though California has been my home for 30 years, Kentucky will always have my heart. My name is Donna (Travis) McLemore.
Contact: the-macs@pacbell.net.

Hayes, Gill, Reed, Mitchell
Query: I would like to locate photos and info that can be e-mailed to me pertaining to these names, my 2nd great grandparents Joseph and Amanda (Gill) Hayes who are buried at Tyner's Chapel Cemetery, and my great grandparents Bertie (Reed) and Donie (Hayes) Mitchell who also lived in the Crittenden and Livingston Co. areas. Thank you.
Contact: Mychal (Mike) Thompson, mikeyaks2002@yahoo.com

Query: I am researching Travis family members, particularly the family of Charles H. Travis bn abt 1868 married to Nancy B. (Nannie) Sarlls bn abt 1869. They had two children, Milton M. Travis bn abt 1901 and Charles Richard Travis bn abt 1907. This family is in the 1910 Federal Census of Crittenden county Kentucky. In the 1920 Federal Census of Simpson county Kentucky the two boys are living with Nancy?s brother Richard Sarlls and his family. I am trying to find out what happened to the boys parents Charles and Nancy Travis. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Contact: Wayne Benton, benton@jdcinc.com

Query: I am doing genealogy on the John Norris family and I need a lot of help. John Norris married Sarah Clark. They are my Great Grandparents. They had a son John and a son Charles Clark Norris. I don't know Great Grandpa John's initial or his son John. Charles is my grandpa so I know his. I also need to know Sarah Clark's middle name or initial. There are so many John Norris's, but my Grandparents are from Dycusburg, Kentucky. They later moved their family to Kansas and then on to Mo. Where Charles met my Grandma Mary "Ninnie" Louisa Edmond. They Married in St. Francois County, Mo. in a small town called Elvins, Mo. Charles & "Ninnie" had 8 children, 5 boys 3 girls. The 5 boys names were Edwin,Raymond, Lloyd,Carl, Earl and the 3 girls were,Edith, Annabelle and Opal. All of these children were born in Missouri. If anyone in Kentucky knows of the John & Sarah Norris family please email me.
Contact: trishnorris@sbcglobal.net

Grandstaff - Buckalew
Query: I am trying to gather information concerning my family from Kentucky. My Great-Grandfather was SW (Sheely) Grandstaff b. 2/10/1876 in Smith County, TN and d. 9/24/1943 in Crittenden County, KY. He married my Great-Grandmother Etta Buckalew on1/23/1901. She was b. 6/11/1880 in Lyon County, KY and d. 9/13/1956 in Crittendon Co. Both lived in Crayne and are buried in Crayne Cemetery. They had 3 daughters: Marie b 1/28/1902 in Caldwell County, KY, Ruby Mae b. 8/28 1904 and Lillie Belle b. 7/17/1907, both in Crittenden County. Marie Granstaff Smith had two daughters: Mary Jewell b. 2/16/1921 in Crayne, KY and Rose Lee b. 9/27/1926 in Harrisburg, IL. Ruby, Lillie Belle and Mary Jewell all attended Marion High School. I also know that Press Norton Buckalew was my Great-Grandmother's brother. He was b. 2.19.1892 and d. 2/14/1961. He was married to Audie Ordway b. 3/21/1892, d. 5/22/1961. They had a son, Lonnie Wilson who was the Marion Fire Chief. He died in 1971. I believe they had another son Arnold. No info on him.

This is where my trail ends. Any information that anyone could provide would be most appreciated.
Contact: Jan Wilson, salesgaljan@comcast.net

Doom Family Posted Sept. 25, 2004
Query: I am looking for any descendants of the Doom family.
Other surnames:
Patton, McKinney, Doom, O'Brien
Contact: Matthew T. Patton, matthewtpatton@yahoo.com

Query: I am looking for information on my grandmother and grandfather Woodford Myrtle Lee (Stevens) Glore. Would love to find their divorce papers. I think their divorce was somewhere circa 1924-1929 in Crittenden Co. I only think this. Can anyone tell me about my grandparents? Tell me where to look for them and I will pay for what it would cost. Thanks so much.
Contact: Dina.h@muhlon.com

Query: I'm looking for information on my father James Armond Harper. He served in WW2 from Marion, Ky. I was wondering if you might have any records from the paper concerning him. I know it was in the paper when he arrived in Europe. I live in Robards, Ky. and could come at your convenience to research any archives you might have.
Contact: James Harper, harperj@hkywater.org

Query: I am seaching for the family name Loves. My family name is Loves and I am from The Netherlands.
Contact: mloves@zonnet.nl

Query: Looking for any information on Tom Cox. He was married to Francis Rich or Ritch. He fathered my grandmother, Imogene Emily Cox and her brother, Cecil Cox. He may have been married prior to his marriage to Francis. Possibly could of had a daughter by that union, named Ellen. I can not find any information about him or where he is buried. Francis later married a Gass. And her daughter Imogene also married a Gass. Anyone with any information please e-mail me. Thank you.
Contact: Tina Gass Gibson, tinagib@gmail.com

Query: My great grandmother is Milred Margurite Marsh Crittenden. She was born on June 1,1892 in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. She died the day after giving birth to her second child, a son, Stanley Lewis Crittenden. Stanley died the day he was born on Feb. 17, 1902. My Great Grandma died a few hours later on Feb, 18, 1920 in Pontiac, Michigan. Her only daughter, my Grandma, was only 3 years old at the time. She does not know where her mother and brother are buried. They were both buried in the same casket. My Grandma is in her 80s now and wants to find her mother. My branch of the Crittenden family has been known to bury family members in other towns than the one they died in. My Grandpa (my grandma's husband) for instance, died in Michigan and was buried in Wisconson. History in this case may have repeated itself and my Great Grandma could be buried anywhere in Michigan. I can't imagine any other state she could be buried in. Please, people of Michigan, help me search the graveyards on foot. I have already searched the Web and did not find them. I live in Nevada and searching the graveyards here is fruitless. Thank you in advance for your help.
Contact: Marcelle Neidert, suchico2002@yahoo.com

Query: I am looking for the relatives of Roy E. and Alice Fralix Driver. I moved to Indiana 11 yrs. ago and have lost contact with my relatives.
Contact: Terri E. Driver, teddiewor@yahoo.com

Query: Looking for any and all information on the Rushing Line. I'm decended from James M (Pop) who d, from Joseph Albert, who d, from Joseph Ben, who d, from Wilson E. Any help would be appreciated!
Contact: Jimmy Rushing, J3_Dog@hotmail.com

Query: I am Reima Marie Robertson, granddaughter of the late Geneva Crider Daniel. I seek photos and/or articles of the Auto Parts store she ran close to the 88 Dip. Her husband was JD Daniel, and their son, my father, is Steven Crider Daniel. I recently acquired the family business that branched into Hardin Co. Illinois, and would love photos of where it began, when "Gensie" and JD merged with Mr. Millikan. I am proud being a 3rd generation Daniel Auto Parts owner, and would like to form a display at the grand opening in Rosiclare on August 20th of this year.
Contact: reimarob@shawneelink.com

Query: Looking for descendants of Henry Newton Todd (born 1853) and Americus Waters (born 1852) of Vidalia, Georgia. I know his mother's name was Ann Todd. Anyone know his father's name? This would be my great grandfather. Thanks for any help.
Contact: Sylvia, sylv1@bellsouth.net

Query: Seeking information on the family of Samuel and Mary Jane Byrd Silvey who moved to Ky. from Roane County, TN, and lived at Nunn Switch area from late 1800s to 1938 when Mary Jane died. Their 64th anniversary picture appeared in your newspaper in early 1930s. I am descended from their daughter Mary Catherine Silvey who married widower James Babron Scott. Other daughters married into the Hinchee and Fortner families. Sons also married and may have stayed in the general area. In particular, I am looking for the parentage of Mary Jane since no legal documents or newspaper articles exist to document her death in 1938 or burial in the Kate Crowell Cemetery.
Contact: engel@springnet1.com

Query: Looking for a print of the picture that was in the Crittenden Press in March 24, 2000. The title was "1850 Revisited" and it listed Virginia Lucy Blain, Alexander and Mary (Childress) Blain, Lucy (Jackson) Childress wife of Jesse Childress deceased. The picture was submitted by James B. Kirk. If anyone has a copy of this picture please contact me.
Contact: Sue Childress Compton, suelem@sofnet.com

Query: Looking for info on grandparents and great grandparents who all resided in Crittenden Co. at one time. Luther O. Riley (July 9,1920 - Mar. 12,1992). I his parents were Jim Riley and Ida Mae Hunt. Dora Elizabeth (Slaton) Riley (May 1, 1923 - Oct. 13, 2003). I believe her parents were Clifton Pratt Slaton and Ruth (Drury) Slaton. Luther and Dora were married June 16, 1940. Their children are: Robert (Bob) Clifton Riley, William (Bill) Earl Riley, Betty Ann, Donna Kay and Daniel (Danny) O. Riley. Any info is greatly appreciated.
Contact: jim_lisap2002@yahoo.com

Query: With no idea where to look, I'd like to find some trace of my grandfather's kith and kin. His name was Charles H. Featherston. (This is not spelled ...stone as some similar names). He was a twin and they were "Harlie" and "Charlie." From childhood memories, I know they had sisters, but no further information. There has been mention of Kentucky connection with his family. Can you discover any traces of ancestors?
Contact: Betty_25114@msn.com

Query: I am searching for people I went to Livingston County High School and Graduated in 1971. I don't know the last names now. These are the names in school: Paula Bea Alsobrook, Stevie Wayne Tabor and Benita Cowen. Any help would be appreciated.
Contact: Shirley Knight, gottds1@aol.com

Query: Looking for any info about my great-grandmother Henry Alice Todd. She was born in 1883 in Ky. and died in 1962 in Ky. I was told that she was not raised by her natural parents. Her parents were John Todd and Nan Petters(?). She is buried at Lola Cemetery in Lola, Ky. She was married to Joseph Lacy Miller. They had 7 children. (Note: A birth was recorded 1 Dec. 1878 for a male child. W. R. Todd, born to John D. Todd and Nancy J. Pettis or Bettis(?). Could they be the John and Nan I am looking for?
Contact: Linda, lkminner@aol.com

Query: Hello! My name is Lisa and I am researching my family history. My grandparents were Hubert McCoin (born Oct.31, 1914 place unknown). He died on Sept. 9,1987 in Salem, Ky. Maude Marie (Sharp?) born Feb. 5, 1909 (place unknown). She died on Sept. 19,1984. They were married on Jan.31,1938. Their children are Brenda, Bernice, Patricia, Earlene, Laura Mae, Charles and Franklin (my father). Maude and Hubert attended church regularly at Loveless Chapel in Salem. I would welcome any information that you may have.
Contact: lisapickett70@netzero.com

Query: I'm researching my Williams family history in Crittenden County. Here are some family members: William Williams, B.?, Samuel Williams b.1832 Ky. d. 23 Jan 1913 Crittenden County, Weston, Armstead S. Williams (son of Samuel) b. Oct 1863 Webster County d. 1905 Casey, Ky. Pudence Williams (Prudence Edmondson) b. 1837 first wife of Samuel Williams, Mary M. Williams (Mary Butler). Have many Williams to share.
Contact: Robert L. Williams 4757 Bethuy, Casco, MI 48064

Query: My name is Mike Baker. I am looking for relatives of Soloman and Julia (Conger) Baker. They had two sons Ernist and Eldon. All except Eldon are buried in Pleasant Hill cemetery in Marion, Ky. If anyone knows of this family, I would appreciate any information at all. Ernist was my Grandfather. That my dad and I had never met. Thank you.
Contact: Mike Baker, mlb8640@aol.com

Query: I am looking for any pictures of my grandfather or family that lived in Lola. His name is Elmer Damron he was shot and killed. He was married to Noiam Slayden my father is Ralph W. Damron, a sister Dorothy Riley. A Damron graveyard is on Lola Road. My grandfather had brother and sister. I live in Lola and very pround of my family history, but could use more information and pictures if anyone would help. Thank you.
Contact: charlottedjones@msn.com

Query: My name is Kathy Tinsley. I am looking for any information on my great-grandfather: William F. or R. Tinsley. He married Lucinda (Cindy) Lynn of Tolu, Ky. on March 20, 1879, in Crittenden Co. They had at least 6 children: Annie (Armstrong), Rettie (Monroe), Mattie (Williams) Clara who died around the age of 16. Two sons Roy and John C. (born 1890) who married Bessie Lanham. I would love to hear from any one who knew of any Tinsleys living in the Tolu area.
Contact: Kathy Tinsley, OneMorChatyKathy@aol.com

Query: My name is Rebecca Sue (Stewart) Parrent. I am trying to find the date and location of the marriage of my parents, Bert Eschol Stewart and Hazel Elva Brown. They were married sometime between 1932 and 1936, I think, possibly in Shawneetown, Ill. Any information would be appreciated.
Contact: Sue Parrent, littesister1946@hotmail.com

Query: I am looking for anyone related to or having information about the Gilland families of Kentucky. Samuel and Nancy Gilland are my great-great grandparents. I am the oldest son of Jesse F. Gilland who is the son of Jesse L. and Phoebe Gilland. I am also looking for any information to all allied surnames associated to these families.
Contact: Gerald W. Gilland, gw.gill@charter.net

Query: I am looking for any information on Marshall Croft b. 1872 died 1971. I have his father and mothr George A. and Jane Riley Croft and am trying to find out how they connect to the John Frederick Croft line. Also am looking for info on Larkin Croft who married Lena Ferrill. (children and how they connect) Any info is greatly appreciated!
Contact: Lori Croft Collins, lorirsngl@aol.com

Query: Looking for Orbie and Mary Ellen Croft information. They had a son, Donald (Frog) Croft whose wife is named Betty. I would appreciate any information you can offer.
Contact: Lori Croft Collins, lorirsngl@aol.com

Query: I am seeking information of Bessie Cecilia Stoner believed to have been born in March 1880 in Baxter Springs, Kansas. We believe her father to be Van Stoner and her mother Celia Von Hartz. Bessie married a Thomas Clark in Portland, Oregon and migrated to New Zealand. We also believe that she is associated with an M.H. Stoner born approx. the same time. We have a photo taken in Dexter, Michigan of M.H. Stoner.
Contact: John Clark, jmandsr.clark@xtra.co.nz

Query: I am looking for "Bud" Spradlin, his brother, Cleo Spradlin, or their sister, Loretta Spradlin. I dated Bud while living in Goshen, Ind., in 1960. I worked with Loretta at the Goshen Rubber Factory in 1963. I have lost touch with them and would like to hear from them or a member of the family. Thank you.
Contact: Mignon Anderson, smithanderson@cox.net

Query: Hello, still looking for Govers in Ky. Geroge Gover, Charley Gover -- perhaps they had sisters or brothers? A large group of Govers is from Kentucky. Juda Gover. Nancy Gover. Also 1880 Govers from Kentucky. If anyone can help. Some of the Govers moved Cincinnati, OH in 1920-1930. Also some Govers from Jellico, Tenn. These Govers are related to me. Need to find more Govers for my family tree. Please e-mail any information.
Contact: ANNGOVER123@aol.com

Query: To Susan C. Egan who wrote to you in June looking for information on the William E. and Dora Charles family. I have tried to send a reply to the address she gave regarding this family, but America Online (AOL) says she is not a subscriber.
Contact: harcong@aol.com

Query: Looking for information on Heflin and Welter families.
Contact: eggieh@aol.com

Query: Looking for an Yoga who may be related to George and Mary Gover. Sons Emicles, Charley, John, Roy, Andy, sister Martha, Sallie, Lubell, Monnie. George has a brother Charley.
Contact: ANNGOVER123@aol.com

Query: I'm researching George W. Stovall, a Union Civil War Veteran buried in Wilson Cemetery in Shady Grove, Ky. He served in the 48th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, E Company, fighting at Shiloh, Vicksburg, Atlanta, etc. He entered the war as a 1st Sergeant but died as a 1st Lt. I know of no previous military experience on his part, so I'm not sure why he went in as a 1st Sergeant. He was a 17 year old farm boy when he joined up. He was wounded in Atlanta in 1864 and died in October of that year. What I'm wondering about is his grave stone. As I recall, it's rather elaborate (mounted infantry if I recall correctly), yet his family, Jackson and Polly Stovall, were not rich. How did this marker come to be? Did the veterans he served with pay for it? Did the community pay for it? Also, if anyone has any recent photos of the marker, please e-mail them to me. Thank you.
Contact: Matt Stovall, Matt4258@yahoo.com

Query: My name is Tanya. I am looking for information on my great grandparents, Cora Lee Watson, died from uterin cancer. Her husband was Lee Thompson. They had three children: Ted, May and Christina (a.k.a., Jessie Olive). They lived in Lola, Ky., in Livingston Co.. Cora Lee and Lee are buried there.
Contact: Tanya Rodriguez, tanya@dakotaautoparts.com

Query: My name is William R. Croft, Sr. I am looking for any information, pictures, and/or articles on the Croft family.
William R. Croft, Sr., croft@bellsouth.net

Query: During a recent trip to Marion, I photographed all the distinguishable "James" family markers in the Pleasant Hill Regular Baptist Church Cemetery. I have made an Access database of the names, including dates of birth and death on these markers. Due to database requirements, all marker dates that include only the year, have been entered as 1/1/Year. A very limited amount of additional information has been added to this database. Anyone desiring copies of this database and/or the grave markers, please feel free to send requests. A peculiarity noted in these is the presence of two Berry F. James in the cemetery; one born in 1838 and married to Ellen James, the other born in 1850 and married to Docia James. I would appreciate any information regarding the relationship of these two Berry F.s. Their birth dates eliminates father/son, but it it is probably an uncle/nephew relationship. Particularly helpful would be the names of the father and mother of the Berry born in 1850. I have it fairly well established that the 1838 Berry is Bartley (Bartlett) James' son.
Contact: Ernie James, ewj@charter.net

Query: I'm looking for information on the William Sherrill family, They lived in Union, Crittenden, Ky. William was born in 1852 Cabarrus,Rowan, NC his family moved to Union, Crittenden, Ky about 1858. His parents were Richard Luke Sherrill and Crissie (Crissa) Hagler they were both born in NC In 1875 Union, Ctittenden, Ky William married Margaret A ? she was b 1860 in Missouri. William and Margaret had 6 children in Union, Crittenden (Eliza Ann, Lillie, Ada Lee, Willie Pearl, James M, John C) before Oct 1886 the family moved to Erath Co, Tx. Thank you for any help with this family,
Contact: Pam Miller, bpmiller1980@msn.com

Query: My grandfather, Oscar Julian Talley was born in Louisville, Ky. He married Zilpha Jane Moreland. His father was Edward Paige Talley and his mother was Elizabeth Greene. Later they lived in Illinois where my father, Isaac Nicholas Talley was born. If anyone from this family can update me on it, I would appreciate it.
Helen Talley Setser, hesetser@joplin.com

Query: I am looking for any info on the Andrew Jackson Stinnett family of Crittenden Co. Married Dolpha Jane Rushing in 1839. Had several children, including James Harvey. Looking to make contact with any family members to complete this line, thanks.
Contact: Karyn Schronski, sschrons@tampabay.rr.com

Query: My father, Ernest Leamon James, born Oct 9, 1903 in Marion, KY, was in Navy and married my mother in NYC about 1930. She died shortly after this marriage (in 1935). My Dad then left me with mother's family and disappeared. I am now actively seeking genealogical information on this portion of heritage. I have found his mother's given name was Maude. It apperars that after my dad's father died young, Maude married another James (Lewis James) and upon Lewis's death married a "Cremeens", first name unknown. She had addressses on E. Depot, Oak and Kevil Streets in Marion during 1950s and 60s. She is believed to have been quite active in Baptist Church activities, but I can not determine if it was the Marion Baptist or Second Baptist, both of which are in area of her known addresses, or possibly another church. I would appreciate any information regarding this family, as I plan on visiting area in near future and would like to limit the number of cemeteries and other areas I will have to visit. Thanking you in advance for any help you may be able to offer.
Contact: Ernest W. James, ernestwjames@smmj.com

Query: I'm looking for information about my Grandmother Carrie Henry White. She was born in Crittenden Co. One of her sister Nelly and son Jim live in Marion, Ky. Mrs. Carrie White married Charlie Coffey and children: Mamie E. Coffey, J.C. Coffey and Johnson Coffey and I want to know about my Grandfather too. Where he was from. Both move to Morganfield Ky.
Contact: kuehl@tds.net

Query: I am looking for any information on Willie Fowler Wright my grandmother. She was born in 1901 in Livingston Co. KY to James Hickman Wright and Bessie Bridwell. Willie married James Madison Robertson from Crittenden Co. Ky., he passed away in 1931. My mother Margaret N. Robertson and her brother William H. Robertson were raised by James and Bessie. Any information would be very much appreciated. Thank you. I believe that both grandparents were buried at a cemetery called Fluorine in Hardin, Ill. but I have been unable to locate such cemetery.
Contact: Deborah Annaguey, Grdmasgrls@aol.com

Query: I am looking for any info on James Arthur Wright, born Dec. of 1891 in Ky. to William Henry Wright and Barbara Francis Manus. He passed in Detroit, MI in June of 1967 while visiting a daughter Geneva there. He lived on East Depot St. in Marion, Crittenden Co. He married a woman named Stella, and possiby a woman named Maude (they may be the same woman). He is buried in Mapleview Cemetery in Crittenden Co. I am descended from his brother Walton and would love to contact anyone who has any info on this family, or is related. The 1930 Crittenden Co Marion Precinct # 5 Ky. census lists:
  Wright, Arthur head (38) age at 1st marriage 24 KY KY KY
  Stella (35) wife age at 1st marriage 21 KY KY KY
  Randolph son (12) KY KY KY
  Geneva dau (10) KY KY KY
Contact: Karyn & Sean, sschrons@tampabay.rr.com

Query: I am trying to obtain any information on a Claud White who married Mayme L. Graves (my grandmother), from Dycusburg, on November 6, 1906 in Metropolis, Ill. I have found information that they lived in Brownwood, Texas. He was her first husband and I have no knowledge of what happened to him-death, divorce, etc.?. In an old newspaper from Crittenden Co., he was listed as being from Texas at the time of their marriage. I have heard stories that he was a river boat captain. As you can tell, I have very little to go on. Perhaps someone can give me information where I can research further.
Contact: Rebekah Campbell Amos, Rbeckyamos@aol.com

Query: I am searching for family geneology and medical history of the Oliver family in Caldwell Co. I know there are descendants in Caldwell Co. now but I only know one name: Danny R. Oliver. If anyone would have any information on some other family members that I could contact to find this family geneology it would be greatly appreciated.
Contact: Melissa Kirk, MELDEKI@msn.com

Query: I am trying to locate some information for John D. McConnell who might possibly be buried in Crittenden or Caldwell County, KY. He was married to Sarah (Sally) Crider. He is the Father of John Nelson McConnell who is buried in Shady Grove, KY, cemetery. John D. may have gone by the nickname of "Jack" McConnell. John D. is my gggrandfather. Any information would be appreciated.
Contact: jrushing@knology.net

Query: Jaimie Altmeyer posted Feb 15, 2003
My name is Jaimie Altmeyer and I am looking for information about my GGrandparents William H. and Nancy Ellen (Smith) Winders. They had seven children, William Franklin,Debbie, Bertha, Benny, Myrtle, Grace, Iva Estella. I am trying to find information about William and Nancy's parents, and any information about the children.
Contact: None listed.

Query: Looking to touch base with any descendants of the ELDER, BIGHAM, DANIEL, BEARD, DOSS, FRALEY, FRYAR, LOFTIS and FLOYD families in Crittenden, Livingston and Caldwell Counties. These are my mother and father's family names. I have a Web site with everything I have collected so far and it includes a whole lot of collateral lines as well from these areas. Check it out in case there are some of your relatives in it. There are over 20,000 names and other surnames then what I have listed in this query.
Contact: Vickie Beard Thompson, PO Box 177, Morgan, UT 84050-0177, Family-Quest@msn.com

Query: I am looking for any information on my G Grandparents Rufus M. Riley b. 1851 and Sarah McDowell, Riley b. 1861. They lived in Crittendon Co. and had three children there. Nora b. 1883, Fannie b. 1894, and Ewin b. 1895. I need information on the parents or siblings of Rufus and Sarah. Thanking you in advance.
Contact: Jay Lindsey, jaynrose@adelphia.net

Query: I am looking for Eugenia (Gennie) Fletcher b. 1879. Last found in 1900 Crittenden Co. Ky., Eugenia 21 yr. old, listed as school teacher Father Orayan/Oregan Thomas (O.T.) Fletcher. Son of John and Martha Fletcher. O.T. married Martha Ellen Browning 27 March 1877 in Webster Co. KY. Daughter of Robert Browning and Sarah Jane Carnahan Browning. O.T.'s mother Martha 77 living with them in 1880. I have been unable to find a trace of them after that. Can anyone help?
Contact: Phmal@aol.com

Query: I am looking for any information on Aaron Charles who was married to Frances E. Benton March 27, 1867 amd their son William E Charles who was married to Dora A. Jones on Dec 23, 1891. Both couples were married in Crittenden county. My Grandmother, Helen Susan Charles was the daughter of William and Dora and was born in Dycusburg, Ky. Any information on any of these relatives would be greatly appreciated.
Contact: Susan C. Egan, SCEGAN@aol.com

Query: I am looking for my BABB kinfolk in the Paducah area. I have been working on our genealogy and would like to share what I have discovered.
Contact: Kay Babb-Fisher, Crazykasy56@aol.com

Query: I am looking for any information on the Ball family currently of Webster co. KY. but specifically info on William Ball. I was told his obit. was published in this paper but, cannot find it anywhere. William Ball of Dycusburg KY. Civil War Vet. Ky. co.H, 4th Mt. Inf. died May 31, 1907. Any info will be greatly appreciated!
Contact: jdjones5@shawneelink.net

Query: I am looking for any information on Jefferson Davis Koon, born around 1865. He married Marybelle Fleming and they had 4 children. Marybelle died May 19, 1900. I can not find a trace of J.D. before or after 1900. The two girls I have information on, (one was my grandmother) but the two younger boys, I can not trace. They were Edgar Eugene Koon born 1896 and John Russell Koon was born 1898. I would appreciate any information. Thank you.
Contact: Mahala O'Keefe, catsmeow@cinci.rr.com

Query: I recently ran across your newspaper and am so grateful you have established a genealogy section for Crittenden County. My Great Grandparent lived in Tolu, Kentucky; Crittenden County; and their names were Thomas Curry and wife Nancy Jane (Tinsley) Curry.

Thomas Curry and Nancy Jane Curry are buried at Whites Chapel in the Tolu area. Thomas Curry was born 2 Sept.1844 and died 12 June 1926. Thomas was a Civil War Soldier on the Union Side for Illinois, Company I unit 118, residence at time of enlistment was Elizabeth, Illinois. His spouse Nancy Jane Tinsley was born 12 Apr 1856 in Allen County, Kentucky and died 27 May 1947 in Crittenden County, Ky. Thomas and Nancy Jane (Tinsley) Curry had 6 children, all 6 born in Crittenden County, Tolu Township.

James E. Curry (changed the spelling of his name to Currey for unknown reasons) born 12 Feb 1894 and died in March of 1983. James E. Curry was married to Geneva Dean in Southern Illinois, Williamson County. James E. Currey was my grandfather. He is buried at County Line Cemetery in Creal Springs, Illinois; Williamson County. Luticia Curry born 24 March 1880, died 16 March 1945. Luticia never married and did not have any children. Luticia Curry is buried at Whites Chapel, Tolu, Ky. Ulyses Curry known as "Liss" born November 1886 died 1965, married to Ruth Ann (no maiden name) buried at Whites Chapel, Crittenden County, KY. Willie Curry born Jan 1892, died in WWI, buried in Searnes France Jesse Curry, born 9 Sept 1896 died 23 June 1970. Jesse was also know as Jake; and he was married to Lamar (unknown maiden name ) and he is buried at Whites Chapel in Crittenden County. John Curr: Eldest child information not on hand at this time.

I would be so grateful to connect with anyone related to this family.
Contact: Dennis Doughty, yidman@aol.com

Query: Am looking for information on the Woods and Hodge families. My grandmother was Sallie Woods Wilson, born Feb 18, 1883 to David Woods and Havana Perkins Woods. David Woods was County Clerk of Crittenden County in 1878. His parents were Henry W. Woods, born March 30, 1811 and Nellie Ann Hodge Woods, a native of Kentucky. Nellie Ann's father was Robert Hodge, origainally from North Carolina and emigrating to Livingston County near Salem where he died in 1845. Am also interested in fluorospar mining during WW1. My grandfather, Harry L. Wilson, was a mining engineer who came to the Marion area during that time to mine for fluorospar. He met my grandmother, Sallie Woods, at a Presbyterian church. They married around 1920 and moved to California.
Contact: Cwcatart@aol.com

Query: My great-grandfather was Alphonso Hodge thought to be born in February, 1830, possibly near the Old Salem community near the Crittenden - Livingston County Line. Alphonso is thought to be the son of a Peter (ca. 1802) and Mary (ca.1805) Hodge, nee ?, but I have no documentation to corroborate his parentage other than oral history. Peter was thought to have been of Scots descent having possibly migrated directly to America (possibly through the Carolinas), and he and Mary supposedly had a son, John, in 1840 and twin daughters, Nancy and Mary in 1847. The family is supposedly found in mid-19th century census records in Union, Livingston and Crittenden Counties.

It was said that Alphonso came from a family of physicians. His father or his father's siblings were thought to have been physicians. His brother, Peter H. Hodge was a physician in Morganfield, Ky at the time of his death in 1860. Peter H. Hodge had been born in December of 1825; he was both a physician and surgeon. He had attended the Medical School in Louisville. He married a Martha S. Johnson in 1845. Their children were George Peter Hodge born 1851 (married Virginia S. Wall, 1872), Mary Gibson 'Gip' Hodge born 1846 (married Ollie Babcock of Evansville, IN), Lena Hodge born 1848 (married a William Swearingen) and Nancy Hodge. Nancy 'Nan' Hodge was a schoolteacher in Western Kentucky. I do not know her married name.

George Peter Hodge and Virginia Wall would have two children, Samuel and Mattie. Samuel would die in his youth. Virginia died young or in childbirth. I think that the Days may have raised Mattie. She would later marry a Miller, have a son, George Miller, marry a second time...and lived in Canada in her adulthood.

Alphonso would marry an Elizabeth Newman on August 18, 1853 in Livingston County. They were married by the Rev. Collin Hodge. Their marriage was witnessed by James Lawrence Hodge. It is thought that two children may have been born during their marriage. It is not known if there was a formal discharge of this marriage or what became of Elizabeth and the children. It is thought the marriage ended in divorce by 1856/7. Elizabeth Newman Hodge had been the daughter of a Joseph Newman and Betsy Rutter. Elizabeth was born ca. 1835.

By 1860 Alphonso Hodge was a licensed physician, an allopath, in Hamilton County, Illinois where he married Rachel Jeanette Carter. He had eight children and disappeared in 1879. His last known location was Bowie County, TX (Texarkana) in 1880 when he deeded the family farm to his wife in Illinois. He was known to sign his name as 'A. Hodge'.

Does anyone have any information at all relating to this particular Hodge family. Is there any relationship to the Henry or Robert Hodge families of North Carolina. Are there any old church/school/professional records that might be checked. Oral history suggests that Alphonso was at one time involved in the slave trade. Where does one check those records. He was also wanted on a charge of fraud in the late 1850's in either Union, Livingston or Crittenden County.

Any information will be welcomed.
Contact: John Earl Spencer, 508 Larkin Street, #506 San Francisco, CA 94102, 415-923-9819, johnearlspencerinsfca@yahoo.com or jssfcaus@hotmail.com

Query: I am looking for information on my family for my family tree. My grandmothers name is Anna Rorer and my grandfathers name is Henry Rorer. They have both passed away. My fathers name is Doug Rorer. Any information you could give me on my family would be greatly appreciated. Please email me with any information.
Contact: Holly Turpin, bjturpin@bellsouth.net

I am looking for any information on the following people: Florence Augusta Hughes, dau. of John Wesley Hughes and Rebecca (Simpson) Hughes. Florence md. William H. Thurman 3-9-1887. Children Iva Pearl md. Lester Holloman, William Roy, Wesley Elzie, Robert C., Henery Lacy, Eliza Bell, Velda Mae. It is said the race of some of these people are Cherokee Indian. Any info that you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Contact: Sandra Fletcher, sandraf77@mchsi.com

Query: Looking for information on Elizabeth Stone - married Leander W. York in the late 1800's. Could there be any York descendants left in Crittenden County? Elizabeth is my great aunt.
Contact: Jerry Cummings, futures8@bellsouth.net

Query: My Name is Mary Duncan my father name is Glynn Duncan , he was born May 18, 1927 in Dycusburg, Ky. I would like to find any childhood friends who may know him. He passed away when I was 5 years old.
Contact: Mary Duncan, mary1967@webtv.net

Query: I am trying to find information about my grandmother, Georgia Davis and her twin sister, Naomi. They were born in 1896 in or around Paducah. Their mother,Nancy Butler Davis died when they were about 5 years old. They were in an orphanage in or around Paducah. My grandmother remembered or thought is was a Catholic orphanage. I have researched with another Davis descendant, but we have not been successful. Their fathers name was Samuel Clayton Davis. There were several children. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Contact: bmmyers2@aol.com

Query: Kennedy, Canady, Hoyt. Need info.on them anything. Ephraim William Kennedy, married a Miss Nancy Dolly Hoyt in Marion, in Crittenden Co. and lived in Caseyville. Thank you so very much. Would like to know who were the parents of Ephraim.
Contact: Fern2499@aol.com

Query: Am looking for any and all information on Walter Freeman Burton and wife Dora F. or M. Cates, buried in Frances Cemetery. And any and all information regarding any family members still in the area.
  Walter: b. March 23, 1881 d. July 25, 1953
  Dora: b. August 16, 1881 d. January 24, 1946
Contact: annburt@joplin.com

Query: Looking for John William Freeman married Logusta Hudson. I have located them in the 1900, 1910, 1920 census. There children where William Thomas, James, Henry, and Robert. They were from the Moberly Missouri area. Would like to know where John William Freeman is buried. Also when he was married. If Logusta was his first or second wife? If you have any information on these people please contact me.
Contact: Mona Ryburn-Upah, msupah@aol.com

Query: In search of information concerning Ralph Cummins. Last known residence Owenton. Married to Louise Farris. Children Danny and William.All help is appreciated more than you can know.
Contact: SoundOSilnc@aol.com

Query: I would appreciate any info on my father James Armond Harper such as anything on his service record in WW2. He went to Evansville from Marion to enlist with a friend named Hollis Hughes.
Contact: jharley@yahoo.com

Query: Hello my name is Robert Brannam son of James Ernest Brannam and Mary Etta Murray Brannam. The person I am looking for is my G.G.Mother on dad's side, Mary Ann Byrd or Bird Brannam. Would appriciate any and all information anyone can give me.
Contact: Robert C. Brannam, Washington State, rcb85gmc@televar.com

Query: Looking for information on Myrtle Blackburn Oliver and Irwin Oliver and also a Bruce Moore who was Married to Beluah Mae James her daughter was Palestine Oliver if you could help with any info on these people it would help greatly. My grandmother justed passed away and I would like to know as much about my grandparents Stan and Tina Oliver as possible. Looking for information on Myrtle Blackburn Oliver or Irwin Oliver. My name is Julie Kim Oliver.
Contact: Jewlee4666@aol.com

Query: I am searching for Margaret Samuels who attended school in Marion, Crittenden County, Ky during the mid 60's. She may have moved, as I did, because her picture does not appear in the high school albums. My name is Jeannie (Mercer) and we were pals in middle school. She lived on South Main Street. Any help finding Margaret or connecting with other members of the Mercer/Jones families would be appreciated.

My mother was born in Dycusburg around 1910 and my father was born in eastern KY in 1900. His mother's name was Emma and her maiden name was Trautwein.
Contact: kyboones2@hotmail.com

Query: I am looking for Luann Feather Martin who was a Cherokee Indian around the time of the Trail of Tears (1830s). She married Arthur Marion Shewmaker and moved to Marion Kentucky. If anyone has any information on the Shewmaker, Gipson or Martin families I would greatly appreciate receiving it. I am Bobbi Shewmaker, birth name.
Contact: Bobbi Jean Gipson, bobbijeans@yahoo.com

Query: I am seeking information on the family of Richard Minner who was born 1 Jan. 1760 in Caroline Co. MD and died before 8 Feb. 1848 in Crittenden Co, KY. I have a bit of info already. I am willing to share what I have. I know his wifes name was Elizabeth. I think his fathers name may have been John. Any info would be appreciated. I am interested in knowing how they lived etc. Thank you.
Contact: lminner@webtv.net

Query: I am doing some genealogical research and am trying to locate information on Jared (not positive of spelling, and might even be Jerrold) Carnahan. From the description I got he lived around Dycusburg. The information I received said (and this is anecdotal) he drowned during flooding somewhere around 1949 or in a 2 or 3 year period around then. I don't know for sure where exactly the flooding was. If you have any information or can find it I would greatly appreciate it. I was raised near Tolu myself but left many years ago. I thank you for any information you can find.
Contact: James A. Belt, smokey34@mindspring.com

Query: On behalf of my wife, I am looking for a lead in finding her father who she has never yet seen.

My wife's name at birth was Virgie Lyn Shepherd. Her father was John Clayton Shepherd. He was stationed at RAF Sculthorpe, in England at the time of his marriage to Joyce Irene Pease in 1957 at the age of 22; which would make him about 67 now. His Air Force number was AF15468353, and his rank was 2nd class airman. Due to problems with his marriage he returned to the states and as far as we can tell, resettled once more in Kentucky.

Another piece of information is that John Shepherd father's name was Raleigh Shepherd, who worked at the time as a meter inspector in oil fields, but where that was I do not know as yet.

I know that this is a slim chance as there is very little information to go on; but maybe one of your readers knows this man - or maybe he reads your paper daily and will hopefully respond. Maybe someone knows the connection or perhaps there is further family that we in England are not aware of.

Whatever the lead it would be most welcome. I hope you can use this and in some small way bring an end to my wife's continual wondering as to what has happened to her father.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who may be able to help and can be reached at the following e-mail address: Derek.Shaw@ecng.co.uk or my postal address which is 19 Dashwood Close, Ipswich, Suffolk, England. IP8 3SR.
Contact: Derek Shaw, Derek.Shaw@ecng.co.uk

Query: My mother is Lucy Begley from Jackson County KY. Her Dad was John B. Begley married to Elsie (House) Begley. His parents were Joab and Mariah Jane Begley. Joab's parents were John S. Begley and Mary jane Hignite. Please help me locate photos and documents for my Mom. Thanks in advance, and God bless everyone who can help us.
Contact: Kywmn5765@cs.com

Query: My name is Robert L. Lane and am the son of Louie A. Lane and Nellie E. Hall. Visit my web site at http://www.geocities.com/blane1_2 and if you have any information on any of the names listed please email me.
Contact: Bob Lane, bblane@globaleyes.net

Query: My name is Sharon Tate and I am looking for information on John Tate. His parents were John and Mary Ann (Baxter) Tate from England. John was born in Pennsylvania in 1837 and when he was quite young his family moved to Ohio and then on to Crittenden Co., KY. He went to school there for about 3 years and his parents died there from the Cholera leaving him with his younger brothers to raise so therefore he didn't get to get more schooling. It is said that he was very intelligent upon the subject of geology and coal. He helped to open mines in Missouri, Battery Rock Mines, Illinois and in Christian, Hopkins, Henderson and Union Cos. in Kentucky. I know for sure that he was married twice but believe he was married 3 to 4 times. He owned a mine in Kentucky near Commercial Point. It was orginally the Wallace Mine opened in 1884 by John Tate and a Michael Fleig and then in 1885 John bought the mine. If anyone can help would love to hear from you.
Contact: Sharon Tate, sharon60@shawneelink.net

Query: Hi my name Mary Lou Duncan. My father name is Glenn Duncan. He was born on May 18, 1929 in Dycusburg, Kentucky. He died on April 27, 1973 in Indiana. I am the sixth child of Glenn. i am looking for any family member of my father.
Contact: bearandkatie1@ameritech.net

Query: My name is Mona Ferrell. I am interested in any info on the following families from Shady Grove Kentucky area: Wood or Woods,Talley,Fox,Brown,Neal,Stallions and Dilbeck. I am especially interested in family members buried in Hoods cemetery and Shady Grove cemetery.

I am granddaughter of William Zelmond Wood and Lillian Francis Fox Wood. My mother was born and raised around Shady Grove her name was Margaret Evelyn Wood but her nick name was Nipper or Nip. Lillian Fox was granddaughter of Rev. Isaac Wood Talley, a Baptist preacher in Crittenden County. Would love to hear from anyone that knew my mother or family. Thank you for any info you can provide.
Contact: Allen Ferrell, aferrell@infi.net

Query: I'm looking for information on Carnahan's, Messamore's, Boyd's, Saddler's from the Crittenden County and surrounding counties. My gr grandfather was Benjamin Worthington Carnahan, he was married to Mary L. Messamore, they moved to Mississippi County, MO then eventually to Clinton County, IL. I would also love to hear from any cousins in the area.
Contact: Sarah Harris, ksharris20@charter.net

Query: I am trying to locate records on Charles Nelson Stoner. I know two items: He died in Kansas City area around 1900 and was married to Martha A. E. Shipman on Feb. 9, 1858. She also died around 1900. Thank you for any information you can give me.
Contact: O. Stoner, c-o-stoner@home.com

Query: I am looking for Franz Joseph "Joe" SCHMITT and family. Joe was born in Heiligenstein ,Pfalz, Germany on 26 Dec 1874. The son of Peter and Walburga (Kohlmann). He immigrated to the US and came through Evansville IN. Married Maggie Penninger on May 14, 1899. In 1920 he wrote a letter to his sister Eva Elisabetha naming his chidren- Peter 12, Harry and Henry 6, and Franz Joseph 4. And Andrea 2 who died during the previous winter. I have contact with ancesters in Germany and have visited Heiligenstein.
Contact: Martin Schmitt, prosit@adelphia.net

Query: hi;this is critt2@cs .com i would like to know if i could find some Crittendon's (Crittenden's) that's from Don Crittendon's family. Carl Crittendon from Dyersberg, Tenn. Carl marry Mary R. Mann's.
Contact: critt2@cs.com

Query: I'm looking for Hogues Jonathan, Dian, Eddie (my host family) from Cottonwood Coal County in Oklahoma. I need to find their e-mail adress if they have one. I used to be their exchange student and I'm sorry we didn't get in touch since I left. I still miss them all so much. I need to find them. Please help me.
Contact: litkom-m@dialup.ptt.ru

Query: I am looking for relatives of Hubert Herron and R.C. Herron. I will be coming to the Marion area next year and would like to meet and talk with some of my family members who still may reside there. I am the daughter of R.C. and Katie (Riley) Herron. The last information I had of any family members was that my dad's youngest sister, Mattie Virginia Darnell or Darnall (not sure of the spelling), was still living in or near Marion.
Contact: Betty (also known to family members as PeeWee), lcooling@iqcisp.com

Query: Searching for any information on the Damron/Dickens families. My g.g. grandpts. were James and Elizabeth Landers Damron. I am compiling a book on these families so I am looking for stories about the family of our ancestories. and Pictures. If you have any Please bring them to me at our annual Damron Reunion at Tolu, Ky Sept 2. 2001. Or e-mail me annettag59@hotmail.com. If you contact me I will get back to you. thank you for all your help.
Contact: annettag59@hotmail.com

Query: Looking for information on G.G.G. grandfather Henry Walker and his wife Hanna, any information that I could get would be deeply appreciated.
Contact: Martha Walker Edmondson, medmonson@ccms.net

Query: My mother was Omega Colene Tyner and married Emmett Travis. Does anyone know when they got married or where. I know it was around 1933-34 but not exactly.
Contact: Marilyn, MicDee711@aol.com

Query: Francesca holt,looking for members of the stoner family in particular Paul stoner if up have any information or know anyone in the stoner family
Contact: bubblebutt11@genie.co.uk

Query: Searching for information on Lewis Walker 1829 married to Mary Gober and Mary Belt. Children from the marriages are:
 Amanda 1859, Charles C. 1860, John D. 1863, Melissa & Naricissa 1865, Lewis Jasper 1868, William B 1869, Thomas Edward 1872, and the Children of Mary Belt. They are unknown to me. Charles Clarence Walker and Sarah Ellen Griffith children: he was married before to ? ? Alvin 1886, Fannie 1887, Aron Ollie 1888, Clarence Charles 1889, Luther Lewis 1892, Edward Eugene 1898, Clarence C & Nina C (Wiggington) were my grandparents.

Any information on any of the family members would be forever appreciated. I would love to share any information I have.
Contact: Jackie Walker Peay, jpeay389@aol.com

Query: My GGGGGGGgrandfather was James Love. Born on Jun 2 1778, Scotland, married on 20 Jan 1803. He died in Crittenden KY on 12 Jan 1835. I am trying to find out if he is one of te 2 "James Loves" that were in the War of 1812.

Name: James B. Love, Pvt in the 1st Veteran Cavalry (KY/Union)
Name: James B. Love, Pvt in the 1st Cavalry (KY/Union)
Contact: anna_murray@yahoo.com

Query: Looking for information on Evelyn Irene Finley born 1909 in Uniontown, PA and died in February 1941. Thanks if you can!
Contact: Diane Knight, mahogany@velocity.net

Query: I am researching my family. It appears that my 10 times great-grandmother would have been Elizabeth Boone (married to William Grant). I am now looking for more information up the line...Amanda Sanders (Saunders) was the greeat-great granddaughter of Elizabeth Boone. I am also in search of information on Amanda Sanders parents, James Sanders and Elizabeth Perry. Amanda Sanders married my 3 times great-grandfather, John Holland Baker and then moved to Texas. Any help would be appreciated.
Contact: Linda Jewell, lindajwl@aol.com

Query: We are beginning a search for the Weldon family history. Lorenzo A. Weldon of Tolu had two families. His second wife was named Ellen, born in Illinois.

What was Ellen's last name, and is there any history of her family? When did Lorenzo come to Crittenden County and is there information about his parents? Where was their home before coming to Tolu? Is there any record of family stories or history? Thank you for any information that might be helpful in building this branch of our family.
Contact: Marian Stuart, mstuart@chartertn.net

Query: We are searching for parents, grandparents, etc. of L.A. Weldon, a businessman in Tolu at some point in time. And when and from where did they arrive in Crittenden County?
Contact: Marian Stuart, mstuart@chartertn.net

Query: I am looking for information on the Reese and Mansfield families who lived in Crittenden county in the mid 1800s. They later moved to Missouri and Kansas. The 1850 census lists Green C. Reese as a farmer, his wife Mary V. [Mansfield} Reese and 7 children.
Contact: No information provided.

Query: I am looking for any information on my grandfather. Francis Marion Beard. He was born On Oct. 03,1847. His parents were Alexander Beard and Huldah Ford.
Contact: mailto:pug@accessus.net

Query: Looking for McKearleys in Ky. and Middle Tenn. Orig. Alabama. James C. Mc married a McGuire from Southern Ky.
Contact: mhunter317@aol.com

Query: Hello I'm search for my great, great grandfather John James Nevitt. I know he was discharged from the United States Army during the days after the Civil War. I think he was in Company B 27 regiment of the Kentucky Infantry. He was discharged in March 1865. I think it was Marion County Kentucky. My father James Homer Nevitt was born in Raywick Kentucky in 1908. I was hoping to fine all information about our family tree. I would like to pass this on to my son and grandson. John James Nevitt II and John James Nevitt III. Thanks for any help you can give us.
Contact: John James Nevitt, Sr., indy1jj@aol.com

Query: Heres a real long shot. My dads parents are both from Bardstown. I understand thats in Marion Co., or near there. I've not been able to make it that far across the country yet, but when I do go , I would like to know where to head to. So any help would be more appreciated than you can imagine. My Grandfather was Joseph "Arthur", (aka Blue),Brady, he is the son of John Brady & Elizabeth E. Elmore/ Brady. His siblings were Richard,Walter,George,Frances Marie, Beatrice, Mary & Joe, not in that order.My Grandmother was Mary Willie Downs/Brady, the daughter of William Downs & Catherine Ballard/Downs,their children were George Downs,Catherine Downs,and Anna Mae Downs. First I would love to find living family members, I would like to get names to pictures I have and I would love to find where my grandfather was buried. They say he died in a hotel fire in Chicago. But Ill. Has no death record on him. I understand there use to be a Chicago Ky. and another thing Where are all the Bradys/Downs buried? I cant find much on them on line. Colleen
Contact: andrews@ridgenet.net

Query: I am searching for information on Lee Travis born 1791 in Crittenden Co., Kentucky. He was married to Sarah? Anything would be helpful. please feel free to email me at cheryltravis@aol.com in subject put Travis
Contact: cheryltravis@aol.com

Query: Louis Nelson married Pennie Tosh April 18, 1893, near Crider or Fredonia. They are my grandparents. I am looking for any relatives or information on the Nelson and Tosh families.
Contact: Bill Nelson, 7828 Howard Street, Omaha, NE 68114

Query: I am searching for information on the James C. Stephenson and Martha Isabelle Clark who were my Great Grandparents and Pleasant Coleman Moore who was my Great Grandfather. They are all buried in Hurricane Cemetary in Crittenden County near Tolu.
Contact: Sandy DuVall, phpduvall@aol.com

Query: My father was born on Sept.18,1885 in Crittenden County, Ky. I was wanting to know if there are any records of his birth, or any family members that have any information about the Crittenden County Yarbroughs' of the 1800's. My father was Willis Morgan Yarbrough. 1885 - 1972. My name is Norman D.Yarbrough. Thanks very much.
Contact: Saresa Yarbrough, slyarbro@bellsouth.net

Query: BLOOMING ROSE SCHOOL: Photo from 1929 was printed in the "History and Families 1842-1999, Crittenden County" that was published in 1999, page 204. I would love to get a copy of this photo from the person who submitted it. Several of my family were included, one of which was my mother (now deceased). The photo makes the book worth the purchase price to me. If someone could identify the owner of this photo, please e-mail me. I would love to be in contact with them.
Contact:Faye Gibson, kyma@springnet1.com

Query: My name is Donna Lilly Marcus, 7th daughter of Bro. & Mrs. J. C. Lilly in Marion. My father is deceased, but our Mother still resides in Tennessee. Our home was 205 N. College Street. The only home I ever remember living in! Cindy Davidson owns the home now. I wish so much that someone had some history on this old Home as I am very interested in trying to gather enough information to write a book about it and our family. This HOme was beautiful when I lived there! Thank you for any help you have on this once "beautiful" home!
Contact: Donna Lilly Marcus, kentuckybred@sbcglobal.net

Query: hope everyone in my home of Marion Ky. is doing fine.I am looking for kin folks James Lane married Leona Brown Oct. 19, 1896 and James [J.D.] Hall married Lizzie Smith July 18, 1910. Both families were from crittenden Co. and then later moved to Livington Co. My name is Robert L. Lane
Contact: Bob Lane, bblane@globaleyes.net

Query: I am looking for the burial place of my great-grandfather, John Littleton Roberts (b. Nov/17/1805; d. Feb/8/1852). He was married to Sarah King Holloman in Hopkins County, KY April 11, 1835. They lived in the Sugar Grove/Deanwood neighborhood of Crittenden County, but I understand that he was buried in Hopkins County.
Contact: Pauline Stringer Stegall, ps@hcis.net

Query: I am looking for any information about Mildred and Virgil Vanlandingham who lived on Shady Lane Road in Crittenden, Ky. I lived just a few farms away, during the 60's. They have one daughter, Joan, who married Joe Kearns around 1962, I was the flower girl at their wedding, they have a daughter Jolene. Mildred and Virgil practically raised me on their dairy farm and I lost contact with them in the early 80's. I have never forgotten how much they meant to me and would love to find out what happened to this wonderful (other) family of mine.For anyone who might remember me, my maiden name was Hibbard, Cora and Carroll were my parents.
Contact: Nancy Parker, nancyparker@mpinet.net

Query: My name is Andy Chandler, I have been doing research on my family and I was wondering if you could tell me where I could find infomation on V.O. Chandler and his parents and so on....I have looked all over....I was hoping you could help me with this...V.O. Chandler was a post master at one time in Marion. He has 3 children, John William Chandler, Emmett Ashley Chandler, Venera Ada Chandler. He had a wife Ethel Isabelle Metcalfe. I would appreciate any help you could send me.
Contact: Andy Chandler, 3501 Crestmont Dr., Midland, TX 79707

Query: I am trying to locate my Grandmother. Her maiden name was Mona Bounds. She married George W. Causey and they lived in Coalgate Oklahoma until early 1900's, when they divorced. She Married Harry F Hicks and was living in Comanche, texas, Comanche, County, in 1920. That's when her father passed away. She did not attend the funeral, but is mentioned as Mrs Hicks, in Comanche, Texas. We believe she died somewhere around 1925. No one can find further information. We would like to find if there were any children in the second marriage. She had at least four in the first marriage. I hope you can help, as we have tried for several months to find this information.
Contact: leflora@vzinet.com

Query: I'm searching for information on Robartus K. Foster b. 1810 and his brothers William H. Foster, John C. Foster, b. 1809, and his father James Foster. They lived in Crittenden County, Ky.
Contact: Roger Cocker, rognvic@charter.net

Query: My name is Mary Lou Duncan. I'm looking for information about my grandfather who passed on when my mother was a baby. Marion Driver is his name. I want to know what nationality he was. He married Lucille Driver (2nd marriage). He lived and died in Fredonia. He is buried on a farm. Lost grave (no headstone) in Fredonia. Anyone with information please contact me. He had 4 living children Preston driver, Sue Driver, Margaret Driver Duncan and Mary Louise Driver Brown. Seeking any information about his 1st marriage and any children.
Contact: Mary Duncan, mary881@webtv.net

Query: I am looking for Franz Joseph "Joe" SCHMITT and family. Joe was born in Heiligenstein ,Pfalz, Germany on 26 Dec 1874. The son of Peter and Walburga (Kohlmann). He immigrated to the US and came through Evansville IN. Married Maggie Penninger on May 14, 1899. In 1920 he wrote a letter to his sister Eva Elisabetha naming his chidren- Peter 12, Harry and Henry 6, and Franz Joseph 4. And Andrea 2 who died during the previous winter. I have contact with ancesters in Germany and have visited Heiligenstein.
Martin Schmitt, prost@adelphia.net

Query: Seeking information on Robert Nathan Foster born 1843 Marion,Ky married Nannie J. McKinney born 1847. Also want information on Hadley P. Long of Marion, Ky.Nannie's step father.
Contact: Vicki Foster Cocker, rognvic@charter.net

Query: Seeking information on Thomas Akin MCAMIS, b. 1832 TN, Minerva MOTT BALDWIN b. 1828, married in 1856 in Hardin County, IL,. Apparently they moved to Crittenden Co, KY around 1880. Both died in Tolu, KY - TA in 1905 and Minerva in 1902. Both buried in Hurricane Cemetery. Does anyone out there have any connections to these people? Their daughters married into the following families: HODGE, NEWMAN, MCFARLAND, CIRDER. Any help would be wonderful.
Contact: Susan Liedstrand, sliedstr@pacbell.net

Query: I am looking for information on Matthew Bartley (possibly William Matthew Bartley) who I was told came from Marion Co and later moved to Uniontown ,Waverly area. He was born 4-9-1829 and had the occupation of furniture maker and undertaker as an adult.
Contact: Kubinski@i2k.com

Query: I am looking for a Corky Reece - the name could be spelled differently and I am sure that Corky is a nickname. Corky was a cousin to my mother and may hold valuable information concerning our heritage. I do not know if Corky was a boy or girl, but am certain is now deceased. Does anyone remember a Corky Reece in any fashion?
Contact: Jerry Cummings, futures8@bellsouth.net

Query: Looking for Sommerville, Farmer, Johnson settled in Montana in the early 1800's.
Contact: Joan Ritchie, bealiterate@tenforward.com

Query: Looking for the Seven Springs Cemetery in Crittenden County. I heard that my great-grandparents Joseph and Dicey Driver might be buried there.
Contact: Edna Driver, emdriv@dynasty.net

Query: Hi! My name is Donna Lilly Marcus. I was born and raised in Marion and graduated from Marion High School in 1956. Recently I was home on a visit. Drove by our old home, 205 N. College St. It was so beautiful then and so full of love and laughter! I can still hear the sounds of music from the piano's as all of us would gather 'round at night and sing. What wonderful memories! I am really concerned about the run-down appearance of our old Home Place. I think a Ms Davidson owns it now and was going to restore it, but so far, nothing has been done. I would love some history on this old home if anyone has it. I would like to know who built it, and who else had lived in it, etc. I'm trying to compose a book on "MY Old Kentucky Home." I have my own web page if anyone would care to take a look. In it are "true" pictures of our old Home and of the original First Baptist Church as the background. Please sign my guest book while there. I still have lots more to add to it.
Contact: Donna Marcus, kentuckybred@sbcglobal.net